Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project Monthly MAC: April

If you are unfamiliar with this post why not check out last months Project Monthly MAC?
Basically though, once per month I will go to MAC and pick up a few well thought out items then blog about them and ask you all for advice for next months purchases.
Here is what I bought this month...

So, I decided to try MAC eyeshadows for the first time. I have been in my lipstick/gloss/blush comfort zone for too long and I needed to start experimenting more! I decided to get them in pan form and purchase a palette as I am back and forth between home and uni so much, I think the portability will be great. 
 Here are the pretties... I wanted a bronze lid colour and a nice brown crease to start me off. 

Then I picked up a lipstick, I had my eye on this shade for quite a while.
It is the perfect hybrid of Pinky red and coral (honest, I can see it!)

What do you think of this month's purchases?
Expect a FOTD using these soon :o)

NEXT MONTH: I want to buy...
Three eyeshadows that will make a black/grey smokey eye (black, silver/grey, highlight)
A pretty lipgloss (something coral maybe?)
A mid pink everyday blush
Any suggestions? I would love to hear them!
Love H xoxox

EDIT: Forgot to let you know! My 200 follower giveaway is starting tomorrow :o)


  1. if you have blue eyes you need scene its a matte grey eyeshadow and i promise it somehow makes them pop and seem blue-r amazinggg! Nylon is my go to highlight if you want swatches etc just gimme a shout :) xxx

  2. Ooh I love these posts! Looking forward to seeing a swatch of Mythology for sure :) I'd recommend Black Tied instead of something like Carbon for a dark smokey eye, or even Smut, they're just a bit more interesting than Carbon heh I don't know Mac lip products at all, and would love a coral one myself so will be keeping an eye to see what people recommend :)

  3. I really need to start getting myself some mac eyeshadows! I love the colours you've bought, super cute! Did you get your second wig? Mine is like Pamela Anderson hair, haa! Emily xx

  4. @adrienne ooh thanks for the tips, they are now in my MAC wish list! :o) thanks so much :o) xxx

    @karen thanks for the suggestions! My palette will be full up in no time soon! :o) ive heard that 'costa chic' (hope that's the name) is a gorge coral, and in the fashion flower collection (not out til june I think...) there is a lipstick called 'ever hip' that I am lusting over! :o) xxx

    @emily they are so so pigmented, honest I cannot recommend them enough! Can't wait to expand my collection further :o) I got another dark one :o) must post about them soon! Can't wait to see you as a blondie :o) xxx

  5. You need to get TRAX eyeshadow from MAC its my all time fav! GORGEOUS

  6. this isn't a mac item (im just ignoring the requests in the post here haha) but my absolute fave highlighting eyeshadow in daybreak from clinique. but if you find a nice mac alternative i'd love to know! (don't get shroom- trust me)


  7. silver ring is a nice medium silver grey

  8. Satin taupe is nice, as is a dark blue. I have Deep truth. Trax is nice. :) Blushes- I have a few swatched on my blog so hope that helps :) x

  9. oooo i really need to get some mac shadows :) i would recommend well dressed, pinch o' peach which are both pretty pinks (easy to build up colour) :)


  10. The lipstick is so pretty, I think it's on my summer wishlist now ahaha! My favourite blush from mac is Mocha it's a plummy color but it gives you a very natural look it's perfect for everyday wearing in my opinion :)


Let me know what you think, lovely ladies... <3


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