Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunglasses..... dupe?

So, we all love dupes right? How about a sunglasses dupe?
Fabulous SS11 Chanel bow sunglasses, retail at £250 source

Enter these babies.... 

Uncanny huh?!
And for the not so grand price of.... 

WOW?! Although this probably does slightly hint at my too much of a dupe to be ok theory, especially as the name includes 'Coco'. But who honestly can complain?
Chanel sunnies available here
New Look version available here
What do you think?
H xoxo

PS. I posted a new YouTube video, 50 random questions! Check it out if you like and let me know what you think. :o) 


  1. Cute! I am obsessed with sunnies, I don't think I could ever bear buy a pair of designers though as I break them so often :( There is a gorgeous Tiffany pair in Selfridges that I want soooo bad though! :( xxx

  2. oh i lovvvvve them!! have loadsa sunglasses and need these :) that dupe is pretty dang close if u ask me!

  3. omg i love them!! they really suit you, i'm scared they would make me look like a bug haha xx

  4. Oh Hannah i LOVE them!!! I need them...i am going to go buy them now...byee :P!

    They totes suit you!! xx

  5. @Carlito86 I completely agree! I am always sitting on my sunglasses in my car. Oh wow, maybe one day we can buy the super expensive ones guilt free! :o) x

    @Karen Thanks! Me too :o) I agree, I love them loads, for that price I am amazed :o) x

    @Tat Thanks haha I like big sunglasses! You should try some big ones, you may be surprised! x

    @Hayley Do! We can be sunglasses TWINS! lol :o) They are so cheap though? Why not! :D xx

  6. I really like these! Going to add them to my list of things to check out when I get paid...

  7. These are so cute, i really want a pair too :)

    Love Christine ♥

  8. OMG! those sunglasses are TOOOOOOO CUTE!!!
    especially the bow!!!! LOVE IT! :)

  9. im loving them!!! (both, but especially the ones at a better price hah!). i really was never a huge fan of chanels that just had huge logos...but these are perfect and so effortlessly classy! and im SOOOO mad i cant watch your videos :( this weekend im probably gonna try to get on the internet somewhere that i can see them!!!! aghhhh!


Let me know what you think, lovely ladies... <3


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