Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Naughty Naughty! Copycat products

So yesterday, in my ELF haul I mentioned the uncanny resemblance of the Studio blush to a NARS blusher.  
Can you see the similarities?
Same clasp opening, same outer packaging, same inner packaging. The only difference is that ELF is shiny plastic and NARS is rubbery and matte. Also, the ELF blush has a window below the mirror. 
Even more so, take a look at the bottom of the blushers, they both have the raised bottoms in the same shape AND as you can see on the right, they are the exact same size.
Needless to say, the product isn't comparable in the slightest. Full review of that to come.
Still not convinced? Look at the film inserts in the blushers.

 Also on my naughty list for today are the MeMeMe benefit dupes. I only own Benefit Poppy Tint (how old is my bottle? I''m pretty sure I bought this when it first came out ugh! But I do know that MeMeMe stock a range of tints/highlights that are all too comparable in name and packaging. Below is the only one I own from MeMeMe, the Pussy Cat tint (Reviewed here).
Here is the full range that they sell:
L-R Pussy Cat (Benetint), Poppy Tint (Posie Tint), Sun Beam (Moon Beam), Beat the Blues (High Beam)
Have any of you tried these? Are they benefit-comparable or is it just in the packaging/product/name?
Honestly I love dupes and I get quite a buzz from finding them, however in these two instances I think it's a step too far.

I would love to hear your opinion..
H xoxo


  1. haha madness! mememe also have copied the benefit boxed blushes x

  2. I totally think ELF Fuschia ripped off NARS Angelika ;-) I have both...I should know! (or maybe it was the other way around).

  3. I love Elf Cosmetics, they are so affordable :)

    Xoxo Christine

  4. I prefer the elf blush packaging as it's soooo much easier to keep clean :)

  5. the mememe stuff is actually really good cheaper alternatives to benefit i find. elf on the other hand are not comparable to nars in the slightest product wise! xx

  6. They certainly do look like the same, but I always wonder if they use the same quality of ingredients. It may be that NARS is a total rip off, I hope not because that is what I use, but I wonder if we can really know for sure?

  7. very true!!! i hadnt notcied that before.i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI by a young Mexican designeer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

  8. Naughty is right! Those blushes look almost identical. I'm not a fan of ELF products, so I'm sure the quality is much different.

    Love the posie tint - do you not use it anymore?

  9. I have a post on the MeMeMe products, I definitely think it's worth getting them over benefit :) x


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