Thursday, April 21, 2011

NOTD- OPI 'Do You Think I'm Tex-y?'

Everywhere I look in the beauty blogesphere, people are fully embracing the pastel nail trend for Spring. Unfortunately, I go into the salon supplies shop and am instantly attracted to the brights. I can't help myself! This was an impulse purchase as I was intending to attempt a nail polish buying hiatus. Oh well! Anyway they had just got the Texas collection in stock so I got one only one! Self control, right!!
Do You Think I'm Tex-y?
Texas Collection
I would describe this as a raspberry fuchsia colour. It has a really glassy finish to it which after a little research I found out was a new jelly finish. I really like it!
Natural daylight, no flash...
And with flash... 
This was kind of a daft purchase really, as I do have two OPI's on their way from eBay, one being a fuschia pink.. oops! Oh well, no more OPI. Until next week anyway...
H xoxo


  1. ooooh sooo nice I just got O.P.I Mod Hatter and Make love today, well tomorrow I am now gonna have to get Dya htink i'm tex-y and blame u haha xxxx

  2. That is a gorgeous colour. I have a few OPI's on their way but might try and add this. :) (P.s got the shoes ;) Very comfy! x

  3. ohhhh im liking this! and it's so shiny! perfect summer color i think!

    and HELLLOOO I LOVE YOUR NEW LAYOUT! (ive been anti-blogging the last few days ;-) )

  4. It looks beautiful, so perfect for summer! x

  5. I have's so pretty but I just cannot get on with the OPI sorbet / jelly finishes. I much prefer their regular formula. xx

  6. I just bought this too and well yeah the rest of the texas collection oppsy! I do love opi haha and that shade looks amazing one you :) xxxx

  7. @hayley ooh they should gorgeous! I love opi polishes! :o) x

    @computer girl you got the shoes? Awesome!! I'm glad you love them, I do :o) x

    @Megan thank you! I needed a change and I love it! X

    @dainty makeup thank you :o) i love it! X

    @Zoe it's definitely different, i found it took longer to do but I adore the super glossy finish! X

    @adrienne hah no way!! I will definitely be going back for more :o) x

  8. Great colour, love it! But its quite expensive in my country:////

  9. I like the brights too. Sometimes the pastel colors can send the message of 'I'm trying to hard'


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