Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Adventures with Nail Art gems!

So if you have followed my nail polish escapades, you may know that I purchased 1800 nail gems for the princely sum of 99c (including postage!).
There are literally zillions in there in all different colours, two different blues, pinks, reds, silvers- you name it! Unfortunately on the evening that I played around with them a few gems got stuck in the twisting cover so I could only get a couple of colours out, that's why the colours are pretty basic.
This is what I came up with...

I like the nail on the far left, I think that would look nice with a plain manicure, as an accent nail. The middle one is supposed to be a lopsided heart shape and the right nail is a flower obvs. I didn't bother doing a close up of my baby finger as it didn't amount to much really, actually I am pretty sure I got bored by that stage.

Now for my piece de resistance (oh what larks!) on my thumb nail. Its a pretty flower with a stem and everything. Not going to lie, it took me bloody ages to do! 

For this I just wanted a plain base, so I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manucure in Pink Slipper.

Application-wise I just stuck the gems into the wet polish, they lasted for 2 days before I got bored with my one hand of tacky fabulous 'art' and pulled them all off.
What do you think of my experimentation with nail gems?


Monday, September 12, 2011

From me, to me

The other day I went for a little shop with my friend, I didn't particularly need anything and nor did I plan to buy but when I saw these little pieces I just had to have them.

I love my MAC Paint Pots however they are rather pricey at €19 in Ireland, so I usually go for Benefits Creaseless Creams which are slightly more reasonable. To my surprise a local chemists had a small selection of CC's in a 'bargain basket' for €10 each!
I believe these shades have been discontinued as neither are listed on Benefits website. However I have heard of Sippin n' Dippin as a MAC Rubanesque dupe, which I can fully vouch that it is!

Recess is a matte pale brown colour which is something that I have been looking for quite a while. I really like these and I do find them fully comparable to MAC paintpots in making eyeshadow pop and very long lasting.

Recess, Sippin n' Dippin

My other little purchase is something I have been meaning to buy for quite some time, a Yankee Candle.

Almost every time I go to a card shop or something that sells these I have a sniff and a swoon, and then a bigger swoon at the price and put them down. However that day, curiosity got the better of me and I finally invested. I was deliberating between several to buy for my new room at my Uni house when I picked up 'Strawberry Buttercream' and by chance looked at the price and saw it was reduced to just €9.50! These are €18.99 normally, absolute bargain! There was another one that I wanted to pick up called 'Pink Sands', I will definitely be getting it next time.

Do you love Yankee Candles? Which are your favourites?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Testing.. Testing

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC41 / Sleek pressed powder 'Biscuit'  / MAC mineralise blush 'Miss Behave' / UDNP 'sidecar' / Maybelline Liner Define / Benefit Bad Gal liner / NARS Laguna bronzer / L'Oreal Telescopic mascara / MAC 'Impassioned' lipstick
So, as promised here is a FOTD with one of the foundation samples I was given at MAC. 

What do you think? I thought it looked good today but now whilst writing this up I think I look dreadfully pale, I think this would be too light for an everyday foundation as I had very little false tan today. If you can't remember, click here to see what colour I like to be.

Regardless, for the rest of my makeup I kept it very simple with a wash of UDNP 'Sidecar' over some Benefit creaseless cream in 'Flatter me'. See that liquid liner-line, yay me!

For my lips I dug out an old favourite that doesn't get enough use- MAC's Impassioned!
I find it difficult to apply this and it often bleeds on me, but today I used a lip brush and the product very sparingly and I think it came out quite nicely! I really need to invest in some lipliner though.

What do you think of this foundation? Please let me know :o)


Friday, September 2, 2011

Back To Basics

So lately I just haven't been impressed by my skin. Yes I may have an array of stunning blushers, bronzers and highlighters to try out every day, however with my dry(!) skin breaking into an oily T-zone only several hours after I had applied my makeup I just knew that a whole 'base' overhaul was required.
Maybe a month or so ago, the lovely Caroline Hirons (of and founder of Give and Makeup) was good enough to take a look at my current skincare routine and help me understand where I was going wrong. Some of the noted problems were the lack of a good cleanser and moisturiser, amongst other brands 'La Roche Posay' was one that she recommended. When payday rolled around, off I went to Boots to buy myself a whole new facial routine!

Physiological Cleansing milk, Physiological soothing toner, Nutric moisturiser.

There was a little offer on in Boots at the time in which if you purchased a moisturiser, you got a cleanser for half price. In all the three products cost me about €40, an amount I really don't mind as there's no point in putting good foundation over bad skin, which brings me to my next 'basic'...
I popped into MAC that day too as the Studio Fix Fluid in NW35 that I was matched to in London just wasn't right for me. It was far too dark- unless I had on fully developed fake tan, which I don't always as sometimes it's developing, fading etc. Thankfully the MUA wasn't one of those that I had experienced that gave the old 'you shouldn't be wearing fake tan, it's impossible to match blah' lecture, and she was happy to sit me down and try out several foundations on me.

NC42, NC41
We decided that the NC's looked much better next to my false tan, and she gave me two samples. She was so lovely, especially since she spent at least 20 minutes with me and I didn't make a purchase! 
L-R NC42, NC41, NW35
I am sure you will agree that the NW35 is so not a good match. Today when I swatched these my tan was developing and as you can see the NC41 looks great next to it!
I aim to wear the NC41 and 42 in the next few days to test them out, so I will post a FOTD so you can tell me what you think.
Do you take care of your basics?



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