Monday, October 8, 2012

Endless Repurchase #3: MAC Brush Cleanser

I guarantee that I am not the only one who puts off cleaning brushes 'just incase' you might need to use them before they get dry or you would wake up in the morning with damp brushes.. nightmare!
For this reason there is no surprise that MAC Brush Cleanser has become a staple in my makeup routine for spot, yet deep, cleaning.

The process is simple- I pour a little on to a cotton wool pad and simply brush the tips of my brushes over. Leaving them to dry for only a couple hours max would result in even the fluffiest brush being clean and dry.
The two cotton pads above are the evidence of what was lurking in my makeup brushes!
I still do a deep clean of my makeup brushes weekly, using Johnsons baby shampoo however this is a great way to fix brushes on the go or strip them of color- ie. if you only have one or two eyeshadow brushes. In all, I think it is well worth the £9.50 price tag as a bottle of this lasts for months, also bonus that it qualifies for Back to MAC!
Have you tried this? If so, would you repurchase?


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