Thursday, March 31, 2011

A couple of Blogger awards! Creativ & Stylish

Big shout out to the lovely Charli and Band of Blushers for passing these awards on to me! :o)

For the Kreativ Blogger award, I am required to share 10 facts about myself, for the Stylish Blogger award I share 7 facts... Jeez 17 facts about lil old me? Here goes...

1) Singing at the top of my voice while driving makes me happy.
2) I have already picked out my future childrens names, Dylan for a boy and Brooke for a girl.
3) I finish uni in one year and I have absolutely no idea what I will do afterwards.
4) I lived in Manchester until I was 12 years old, sometimes I think I would like to move back there.
5) I am incredibly close with my mum, she is my best friend.
6) I get such a rush from shopping. I am nipping into on Saturday and I am feeling giddy already!
7) Kath and Kim (Australian version) is my favourite TV show, ever! It is absolutely hilarious although it is never on TV.
7) I still remember the first time I saw the movie Legally Blonde, I watched in awe and from that day onwards I knew I had to go on to study law. And I did!
8) One time, Laura from Lollipop 26 (I have read her blog from start to finish at least twice- she is my blogging idol!) wrote back to me on twitter. It made my absolute week!
9) I still think there is something fascinating about Katie Price. Idiotic relationships aside, I think she is a shrewd business woman and good mother.
10) I bought an iPad last week, and I absolutely love it! Addicted!
11) Since I started blogging, my main interest (and expenditure) was on clothes, now it is make up. I literally start hyperventilating when  I enter boots.
12) Continuing on from my shopping addiction, I am completely comparable to Becky Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series! (Love it! I own them all...)
13) I told my boyfriend about my blog last weekend and he was very supportive! Delighted!
14) I consider some of my blogger/twitter friends to be like real ones! You know who you are!
15) I am eating a wholemeal bagel with Philadelphia cheese on yum yum 
16) I hate milk. I even have to brush my teeth straight after eating cereal to get the taste out of my mouth. So much so I no longer drink tea as I can't stand the milkyness! Loving all kinds of hebally tea's though.
17) Foods I will NEVER eat include fish & eggs (including mayonnaise). Never have, never will!

Phew! Well, I am sure you all know me a bit better now eh!
I am going to break the rules and pass this award on to every single one of my followers, I couldn't pick between you all! If you take me up on the award I would love to see your facts so link me in the comments!
Just going to pass this on to two *especially* lovely ladies:
Megan from A Suitcase And Stilettos
Hayley from The Dressing Room Mirror

H xoxo

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NOTD- Models Own 'Beth's Blue'

I am so late hopping on the Models Own bandwagon that the bandwagon has been, gone and left me at the roadside clutching on to my bottle of Beth's Blue for dear life.
Ok, enough of the dramatics Hannah! However, I got my first Models Own polish with my first Groupon purchase and my good God, I am impressed! I have been ever faithful to Barry M Nail Paints for at least a couple of years now, but nothing could prepare me for this: Pastel nail polish that is opaque in ONE coat! Swooon!

I honestly recieved so many compliments over this colour last weekend at work. Some people described it as  "blu-tack blue", one particularly inventive friend said that if lilac was blue, instead of purple, it would look just like this! Either way, I think this is the perfect shade for spring, something different yet gorgeous!
Also, worth noting that for only £5 or €7.50 you get a mahoosive 14ml worth of product.
Bravo Models Own! :o)
Stupid question, but have you tried any Models Own polishes? I really want to buy MORE! :o) 
H x

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lipstick Lover Review: 17 Mirror Shine 'Flirtini' & 'Peace'

I picked these lippies up absolutely ages ago (hauled here). I think it was the sheeny-shiny packaging that was my initial attraction, plus the fact that I hadn't tried any 17 products in years!
17 Mirror Shine: L-R Flirtini, Peace
as you can see, Flirtini has got slightly mushed.
Colour/Scent? Flirtini is Berry pink with subtle silver shimmer through it, Peace is an orangey peach colour with no shimmer.
Longevity? Maybe an hour? Not a long lasting product in the slightest.
Consistency? Just as you can see with Flirtini, the product is just the same as a normal stick lip balm as in if you stuck your finger in it, it would squish right down. (I am having trouble describing this, but hopefully you get the gist!) I used flirtini for one weekend and it just got destroyed. To put it in perceptive, I carry many lipsticks in my handbag for weeks on end, and I would use them a lot when going through a phase, and this has never happened before.
Pigmentation? Not bad, considering the consistensy. However it is not the type of lipstick you would use to build colour and put a gloss over, say. It is comparable to a pigmented lip gloss, in stick form.
Packaging? Nice metallic blue bullet with the 17 logo in hot pink.
Price? a very reasonable £4.59
Other shades available? 10 shades altogether, check them out here.
The verdict... I like these! I bought them thinking they would be more opaque, hell I even bought a lipgloss that day to go over Peace! Maybe they are aimed towards a younger crowd? I do think these would be brilliant for the summer though, on days where a full face of make up and lip colour aren't needed. Overall, they give a good wash of colour and are moisturising. Not bad for the bargainous price! NOTE: Don't use these with a heavy hand (like I did!).

What do you think? Have you tried these? 
H xoxo

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lipstick Lover Review: NARS 'Roman Holiday'

I was feeling a little disheartened today, as payday is Thursday I won't be able to go on a shopping trip (even a little one) this week. So, I am going to take this opportunity to review some different lipsticks that I haven't got round to blogging about! I am considering making this a mini series called 'Lipstick Lover' because as you all know, lip stick is my guilty pleasure!
NARS Sheer Lipstick 'Roman Holiday'
 Colour/Scent? A muted rose colour. No scent.
Longevity? As it is sheer, 1-2 hours (if you are lucky)
Consistency? Almost that of a balm, very moisturizing and it glides on lips nicely.
Pigmentation? Very pigmented, especially for this type of consistency! It is a very build-able colour too, one swipe gives a pinkish glow but it can be built up to become completely opaque (3 swipes).
 Packaging? Matte black box. The bullet itself is comparable to that of a Barry M lipstick, you know, with the almost velvet feel to it?
Price? £17.50 or €22.96 for 3.4g of product = £5.15/€6.75 per gram.
Other shades? ASOS currently stocks 19 other shades of lipstick in this finish. Plenty of choice!
The Verdict... Yes, I love this! It is my first dabble into NARS, and I am impressed. They are very pricey, even more expensive than MAC. However, I think this price is justified as it is an iconic lip product and a nice addition to my collection. The only problem with this is that it is super wearable and because of this I find myself reaching for it almost every day. This is bad because it is so expensive and I don't want to use it all up! 
Available from ASOS and NARS counters worldwide.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Poppy King for No7 - 'Power' Lip gloss (Review and Swatches)

Yesterday I was having a little midweek slump, the type only curable with a trip to Boots to buy something pretty. It is a TOTAL coincidence that this urge to shop collaborated with the release of Poppy King's (creator of Lipstick Queen, a brand that soley focuses on lip products) collaboration with No7 that came out yesterday (ahem). Also to my delight, I had a €7.50 (£5) off No7 voucher floating around my purse.
After much deliberation (the crowds hadn't exactly appeared in their drones for this release- just me then!) I settled on the lipgloss in Power - a raspberry pink.
As you can see, the gloss has no shimmer whatsoever, it is of a highly pigmented creamy consistency. These shots are of the gloss alone, on bare lips.

 Now for the packaging, the box is nice with a cute polka-dot design. Each shade they have has a different colour box.
 The actual tube is pretty plain, the lid is a metallic lilac with black polka dots, the tube is clear and not dissimilar from any other glosses No7 make, excepting the Poppy King signature. Some dislike this packaging but I think it is pretty. Regardless, it is all about the product. Especially in this instance as the product itself is fantastic.
  The Verdict:  Yes, purchase! but only if you have a No7 voucher handy as I believe that these are rather pricey for a drugstore brand. The glosses retail for £11 or €14.25 (here)  and the lipsticks are £12 or €16 I think (here). Anyway, I think the product is worth it as it is of a lovely finish and appears to be quite long lasting while still feeling moisturising. Very importantly, they are non sticky! I wouldn't personally buy both the lipstick and gloss in the same shade, when I swatched them instore it appeared that the glosses were not just complementary to the lip stick, they were in fact the same. I would completely recommend the gloss as it has as much of an impact that you may hope to find in a lipstick. Other shades available include History red, Intrigue a nude pink, Seduction wine, Glamour dusky pink, Confidence Golden peach, Allure peach.

Will you be purchasing? 
H xxx

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 Barry M Mini Reviews- Blush, Eyeshadow & Eye Crayon

Barry M is definitely my favourite drugstore brand, I love everything about them; the pigmentation, price points and variety to name but a few. So, this review has been a long time overdue! These three products are ones I use every day, and they are a constant feature in my makeup bag :o)

Trio Eyeshadow- Golden Goddess
 The set comes with an almost matte white (highlight), a gorgeous bronze with shimmer (lid) and a matte deep brown (crease).
As you can see, I have already hit pan on the middle shade there, this is because it is my go-to lazy day all over lid colour. The packaging is nice and sturdy, some dislike the design on the packaging however I think it is cute.
Highly pigmented colours as you can see. This is how I use them...
 Would I repurchase? Yes! I am looking for other shades to add to my collection.
Available here for £5.99 or €8.99.

Blush- Pink Orchid
This blush has taken a good battering in my handbag, hence the missing chunk!
Similar packaging to the eyeshadow, I really like it. It came with a little brush (useless) which I threw away. This blush is the brightest pink in the range, so naturally I was attracted to it! This blush is a matte colour with no shimmer which I like. Again, very pigmented as you can see below, although a little goes a long way. They also contain Vitamin E which is nice.. 
Would I repurchase? Yes, a well pigmented and easy to wear colour, gorgeous!
Available here, £4.59 (not sure of € price).

Shimmering Eye and Lip Crayon- Golden Bronze
This basically is a cream eyeshadow in stick form, however as it not dissimilar from my skintone I think it works wonderfully as a base. I am going to put it out there and admit, this is an INCREDIBLE dupe for MAC Rubanesque Paint Pot, it has the gold and pink shimmer and all. Full post on this is coming soon! This does crease after a long day, however it makes the shades in the Eyeshadow Trio pop. This plus the center shade of the Eyeshadow Trio is my go-to everyday neutral eye. 
Not a wonderful swatch, but you get the general idea.
Available here for £4.59 (still don't know the € equivalent)
Would I repurchase? Yes, I am very impressed by the pigmentation and creamy consistency.

Looks like a 10/10 for Barry M this time!
Have you purchased any of these? What do you think?
Love, H xoxo

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NOTD- OPI 'Mod-ern Girl' & Some Exciting News!

Sorry to be inundating you with many NOTD posts lately, however I have just today submitted my big bad Law School essay for the year, so with that huge weight off my shoulders normal blogging can resume! Hurray! 
Anyway so last week when I purchased my other OPI Polish (NOTD here), I really wanted to purchase one more. I spent ages agonizing over different shades, until I spotted this one. It just screamed 'summer' to me!
Mod-ern Girl
Mod About Brights Collection
I would describe this as a reddish coral. It looks much more red in the bottle, however when applied, it definitely has tangerine undertones. The consistency when applied is almost of a jelly finish.
With flash...

 and without....

Very pretty! I shall keep this colour on, well for as long as Mr.Sunshine has his hat on, anyway! Definitely not a shade for the faint hearted, although I can see this being a gorgeous summer sandals toenail colour.
Seriously loving the glossiness of OPI polishes, I am impressed!
What do you think?

Now for the *exciting* news! I would just like to announce something that is making me very giddy right now. Of all the wonderful entries (and I have seen some very good ones), the amazing haircare brand Aussie have chosen 9 other girls and I to be honorary 'Aussie Angels'. I am not exactly sure what this all entails, however I am super excited!
You can check out my winning entry here and the list of the winners here. :o)
Exciting times are ahead my loves! Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my entry too, you are all angels! :o)
Love H xxx

Friday, March 18, 2011

Put a Spring in your Spring! Tell us, how would you lighten up your life? #AussieLight

Lets face it, times are tough at the moment. Natural disasters, crumbling economies and corrupt governments worldwide, to name but a few things that could make you cry into your cereal every morning.
However, I find that the best way to put a spring in my Spring and a smile on my face is to embrace the little things...

Smile at little kids, 
Pop a few quid in a charity box,
Wear that daring lipstick and be bold,
Dance around your room when you are getting ready in the morning,
Hug your mum, just because,
Eat that last chocolate,
Embrace your hair sins and nourish them accordingly,
Spare a thought for those less fortunate <3
Play your favourite 90's pop music in your car and belt out those lyrics you thought you forgot long ago,
Love that the daffodils are growing everywhere as a sure sign of Spring!

And when you have smiled, popped, worn, danced, hugged, eaten, spared a thought, embraced, played and loved, you may just find that something special has happened, yep a spring is in your Spring!
You best believe I drew a halo on my head!
Above is a visual representation of me as a potential Aussie Angel :o)
In order to put a Spring in My Spring I have been combating my hair sins (to become an angel, see!).
Miracle Moist Shampoo because my hair is highlighted and it can be quite dry.
Volume Conditioner because I like BIG hair.
Take the Heat 3-minute miracle because I am a fiend with my GHD's and my hair needs some TLC!

And if you ever feel down remember something very important...
'There is more to life than hair but it is a good place to start' -Aussie Philosophy

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NOTD- OPI 'Pink-ing Of You'

Tuesday is the day that I finish Uni at 1pm and have the whole day free, I usually celebrate this by going shopping with my friends or relaxing for the day. However this Tuesday was different, I had a grand plan of getting in bed (don't judge, I have flu!) and working on my Law School essay for the day. Unfortunately old habits die hard and before I knew it, I was in town, shopping! This time though, I had good reason...
If any of you have read my previous post Project Monthly MAC, you will have seen how unhappy I am with the Paint Pot I purchased. Through some online research it seemed that the general consensus was that MAC can be returned, within two weeks with your receipt even if the product has been lightly used. As I have probably swatched the PP twice, and I bought it this day last week, off I went to the MAC counter. Unfortunately the MUA said that as the PP had been in 'human contact' I kid you not, it was un-returnable. Not even for an exchange. How annoying!! Have any of you had any trouble returning MAC or has it been plain sailing for you? Please let me know.

On the plus side, a small salon supplies shop (not a Sally's) has opened in my local shopping centre, and lo and behold, they stock OPI!
Pink-ing of You
Sheer Romance Collection
Seriously, that cute a name just makes me love this 100% more :o)

It really just is a milky baby pink, completely opaque (as below) in three coats.
What do you think? I think it is the perfect baby pink shade I love it!
Any other OPI recommendations for me?
Check out Project Monthly MAC and help me out :o)
H xoxo

Monday, March 14, 2011

Project Monthly MAC: March (Saint Germain LS & Rubenesque PP)

In a world of "Project 10 Pan" and "Gloss Out", I thought I would break the rules and begin my own 'project' that encourages make-up purchases. Enter Project Monthly MAC
See, for a long time, I have been too angry towards the audacity of the prices of MAC in the Republic of Ireland, to make many purchases, usually waiting until I go to England to buy in bulk. Let me do a quick rundown of some prices here for you:
Lipstick UK: 13.50, using todays exchange rate on that should equal €15.58. Instead, we are charged EUR 17.50. Pointless mark up: almost €2
*Even Worse* I paid €19.00 for a Paint Pot that retails for 13.50 in the UK. Pointless mark up: €3.50
Needless to say, I am not impressed. However I wish to expand my collection and this is how I plan to...

Project Monthly MAC: The Rules
Once per month, I will be making a purchase at MAC. I will purchase up to three separate items. This purchase will be well considered and thought out, and I will not be swayed by MUA's trying to get me to purchase more! When the purchase is complete I will blog about it, and ask you lovely ladies what you think my next couple of purchases should be.

This month, I really wanted to buy a lipstick in a barbie pink shade. I had done my online research, and I had narrowed it down to Snob, Saint Germain and Viva Glam GaGa. When I swatched them in the shop I figured that Snob was too daytime and GaGa too sheer, so I settled on the very gorgeous Saint Germain.
It is an Amplified, so you know it is going to be super pigmented. A little goes a long way with this little beauty!
Next I really wanted to try a paint pot. I planned on getting Bare Study but when I swatched it in the shop, it was far too pale to show up on my skin. Instead I bought Rubenesque.
 Honestly? I shouldn't have bought this. It is barely visible on my eyelid at all, it would be pointless as an eyeshadow, and can really only be used as a base. Here is a picture of my eye with the product on... Would you think it is just a bare eyelid? I would...
Sorry, bad eyelash day! :o)
However, I understand why I was confused as it looks soo pretty in person; a beautiful peachy gold with pink shimmer, what's not to like!
What the HELL am I supposed to do with this paintpot to make it worth the price?

For Aprils Project Monthly MAC, I am going to buy one (or all) of the following, and I need your help!!
Blusher - I have Fleur Power, so something lighter I think (not as light as Well Dressed though)
Lipstick- Something darker, perhaps Girl About Town. Maybe something more daytime, either. A  rosy pink?
Eyeshadow- Just a nice golden lid colour. :o)

Please leave your recommendations in the comments below (or if you think I should buy something totally different!), this project will only be fun with your input! :o)
H xxx

To add to this insanely long post, I'd just like to let you know about a little Guest Post I have written on Charli's blog 'Secrets Behind the Closet Door'. You can have a nosey here.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

OOTD #6 - Pretty Neutrals

Do any of you follow Dulce Candy? Well, that's a stupid question, I am sure you all do. Personally, I love her. She was the first YT Guru I ever found and I think I have watched each and every one of her videos. Anyway, she blogs an OOTD almost every day, and the other day, one really caught my eye. (See Here!) I don't know, there was something really pretty about the nudes with denim. I loved it so much so, I attempted to interpret it in my own OOTD!
You must excuse the absolute tip that is my bedroom lately, visitors have taken over in the past couple weeks and I am left with a random single bed in there as well as other junk all over my room :o(
Top: New Look (Current Season) Avaliable here Really love this top, it is a definite nod to the huge 70's trend with the billow sleeves. I love this top so much I actually have it in a bright blue with pinky flowers on too. Such a wearable shape!
Jeggings: New Look They are the actual 'jean' material jeggings, ie. they are jeans minus the button and zipper. I hate the leggings that are basically navy and passed off as "jeggings". My only complaint about these jeggings are the fact that the ankle hole is soooo tiny! I do not have a big foot (I'm a 5.5/6 depending on the shoe), but for some reason my heels are too fat to get in these without brute force. My boyfriend had to pull at these for a good ten minutes to get them on me. However, now after a couple of wears they require much less effort.
How cute are these accessories? I had to do close-ups of them as I think they actually make the outfit, as on Dulce's OOTD.
L: Remember a couple of posts ago here, I said that I was doing so well avoiding 'love' necklaces? Yep, I cracked! I TOTALLY blame the first SATC Movie.. I need that keyring! Come on though, how pretty and detailed is that necklace, and for less than a fiver? Avaliable here. In posting this link I see it is available in other colours. I think I will buy some more, that kind of cute never goes out of style!
R: These leopard print pumps are from Asda would you believe! And, even better, they only cost £3 in the sale. I couldn't find them on the website but there was loads when my mum picked them up for me the other day. They seem sturdy and good quality, which I am pleasantly surprised about. It is still too chilly to commit to wearing pumps here, but they were great and very comfy that day!
Finally, I looove this headband! Sorry the picture quality is appalingly poor at this stage, I think my camera was just about to die on me here! However it is just one of those stretchy band type things in cream with dark brown polka-dots. Ever since I have started backbrushing my hair more often yes I know it is damaging my hair, and yes I know, my hairdresser will kill me! I have been buying many more headbands. This one is from Primark or somewhere, I can't quite remember.
I am very proud of my colour co-ordination in this post :o)
What do you guys think?
Love Hannah xxx

PS It's be rude for me not to mention the Groupon deal happening at the moment, for £9 they will send you a £20 ASOS voucher. This is brilliant value! Here is a link to the deal: GROUPON DEAL This is a 'recommend to a friend' type link, and I would receive a small credit if you did use my link. Alternatively just google Groupon :o) However as far as I know, the offer is only on until midnight tonight, and there is a limited amount of vouchers avaliable.
I'm thinking Benefit or maybe a Pauls Boutique purse... what will you spend your voucher on?

Monday, March 7, 2011

In and Out #2

Do any of you find driving completely therapeutic? I have an almost two hour drive to get to Uni, and I find it the best time to belt out some tunes and give this head of mine a good wobble. I had so much of a ponder this evening that I felt compelled to organize all of my little musings into an In and Out post to share with you all!

'Retro' Music- Somehow the other day I came across an ancient Spice Girls song, well that was enough, the other day I downloaded every one of my favourite songs from them and had a good old sing song to 'Spice Up Your Life' on the way to Uni today! Bit of S Club 7 too (don't judge!) Seriously, listen to this song and I guarantee you will smile!! Click and smile! 
Longer days- This was the first thing I noticed when driving today, it was 6:15pm and I barely needed my headlights on! Granted it was almost pitch black an hour later, but I appreciate the extra sunshine. Extra vitamin D lovely!
 Ugg Boots- I hauled these here and honestly, I haven't worn any other shoes (excepting when at work) since. They still feel like walking on clouds to this day! I'm kinda sad that the weather is getting warmer as I want to wear them all year round. :o( Then again, Ireland doesn't really ever get warm!
100 Followers and sharing the love- Seriously, I cannot thank each and every one of you that take the time to read my often nonsensical ramblings. To hit 100 is such an incredible milestone for me, a giveaway is coming up to say thank you back! Also, I was overwhelmed by Pixie Lashes kind words about my little blog. You should check her out, she has a great blog :o) Congrats on hitting 100 hun!
My New Perez- Do any of you remember when Perez Hilton was a bitch? Maniston anyone?! Well, he has become much more placid these days. So, it is refreshing to see someone essentially taking his place. The man in question? Silly Old Daniel. Read it, I dare you not to laugh.
Project Monthly MAC- It's coming soon, I'm excited! More details soon... :o)

Being a sicky lady- If any of you follow me on twitter (@hannahbanana661 follow me, it's fun! I never shut up!) You will have seen me complaining this week about my bad douse of the flu. If you know me at all, you will know how serious this was. I was so ill I had to cancel my hair appointment. Ew.
Fuel Prices- I have seen petrol as expensive as €1.49 p/l this week, that is sooo expensive. Thank god my car is not a gas guzzler!
Lady GaGa's new video- It's weird and scares me. Dislike.
The new seires of Skins- There is no storyline, it's pretty much just glamourizing drug taking, which I am 100% against. Plus, there is no story-line at all. Bring back Sid, Tony, Michelle and Cassie etc!!

Please link me to your IN AND OUT posts, I love reading them!
Did you smile when you clicked on the link? I always get transported back to Saturday mornings in front of the TV watching LA7 whilst scoffing CoCo pops! :o) Memories!
What a happy bunch :o)
Love, Hannah xoxo

Sunday, March 6, 2011

REVIEW Jemma Kidd Make Up School: Cheek

So, as I am in fact somewhat of a beauty newbie, I was interested to try out a Jemma Kidd Make Up School palette. I chose two, this blush duo as well as an eye palette that review is coming soon! 
The shade I chose is Clear Pink/Rose.
The leaflet enclosed explained how to use the product apple of the cheeks blah blah, and how you can use the lighter shade for daytime and the deeper pink for evening. This surprised me as my initial reaction was that the light shade was a highlight. Personally that shade is far too pale for a blush as I do prefer a pop of colour. However in the picture I have used it as a highlight and I am impressed! 
 The colour is highly pigmented, even the pale shade.
Beautiful packaging also...
Avaliable here
Have you ever tried any Jemma Kidd products?
Love Hannah xoxo.
PS. At the time of writing I have 98 followers.. eeek! You would make my day if I could hit 100... :o)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Payday Treats! Vol II

This month, I decided to try some 17 products as I haven't before and maybe because they were 3 for 2 at Boots! As I am experiencing what can only be described as a lipstick binge lately and as I was instantly attracted to the shiny packaging (I swear I was a magpie in a past life). I picked up two "Mirror Shine" lippies...
L: Peace I thought this sheer coral colour would be a good place to begin to experiment away from pink. The colour looks scary in the tube, but it is a peachy pink when swatched. Very wearable and very cute!
R: Flirtini As I have been using this lipstick in the past couple of days, it somehow has got smushed in my handbag. :o( However it truly is a lovely hot pink with silver shimmer through.
** Just for reference, I would not describe these as full on lipsticks, as the consistency and longevity is closer to that of a gloss. However they are very moisturising and a dream to apply. Gloss-stick?**
Both avaliable here.

What possessed me to purchase 5 lipglosses in one day? God only knows, anyway they are all very lovely :o)
Click to enlarge, to see swatches etc.
 L-R Sally Hansen Diamond 12hr Lip Treatment in 'Promise' This gloss claims to act like a balm and moisturize lips for up to 12 hours.. hmm, we shall see! Love the packaging and sparkly deep pink colour, however the applicator is not fantastic as the fibres look like they are static or something. On the plus side, it smells exactly like Malibu (the drink), that's always a plus! Avaliable here.
No7 Liplicious in 'Sherbet Twist' After I bought my 17 products, I was given a €7.50 off No7 voucher. Instead of getting myself a free eyeliner or something as usual, I decided to try out a No7 gloss. This contains SPF15 which is always good. It is a mid-pink with gold shimmer, I like! Avaliable here.
Rimmel Kiss Off in 'Wild at Heart' A genuine hot pink with what appears to be a blue undertone. Pleasantly surprised by the applicator. Overall I'm gonna put it out there and compare this to a MAC Dazzleglass
Maybelline Shine Seduction in 'Pink Whisper' A sheer pale pink with iridescent shimmer. Nice twist up applicator, not very pigmented though.
17 Ultimate Volume Gloss in 'Peach Melba' I got this whilst thinking it would go on perfectly with the 17 Peace lippie above. However, I think it will look even better over Sellout below... 

 This is a prime case of when one is just not enough! 
Urban Decay Lipstick (Classic Collection)
Sellout - A reddish nude.
Jilted- A plum-ish hot pink with blue shimmer.
Both of these shades are highly pigmented. Beautiful packaging and attention to detail! Full review to come :o)

That's it for my payday haul this month! As I have said before, there is no better way to celebrate a payday than shopping! 
Love, H xoxo

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hello there! :o)
This week is my Uni's RAG week. For those who don't know, RAG stands for Raise and Give. There are numerous charity events on in campus, as well as this year, the world record attempt for the biggest "Rock the Boat" was broken! My boyfriend and I went out last night with friends, and this is what I wore...
 The playsuit is from NewLook, and is avaliable here.
Again, I bought this in a size 6, I think the sizes are getting a little bigger at New Look. I could well have got smaller, even!
My nude peep toes are also from New Look, from nearly a year ago now. I would have posted a close-up, but the studs on them have started to come off and they are looking a little worse for wear. I really need to invest in some new ones!
 Here is a close up, it has a really cute multi-coloured heart print. It is a little crumpled as you can see, I took the picture the day after I wore it, and I don't have an iron handy!
Now on to the NOTD...
After I returned from my shopping trip with my mum on Saturday, I tweeted that I had got hold of the holy grail du jour in the nail polish world, GOSH Holographic 549.
I picked this up at half price! Amazing, since people have the audacity to sell these on eBay for up to €17 (here if you don't believe me!). I paid €4.25, I believe the full price is €8.50. I am going back on Wednesday to see if there is any more left. 
My only complaint is the longevity, it will chip in less than a day. However I am lazy and haven't used a base coat, so I can't really talk! Also, the brush isn't amazing, it is quite small. However, I love how it changes colour when it catches different lights. It keeps me amused anyway!
Love, Hannah xoxo


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