Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NOTD- OPI 'Mod-ern Girl' & Some Exciting News!

Sorry to be inundating you with many NOTD posts lately, however I have just today submitted my big bad Law School essay for the year, so with that huge weight off my shoulders normal blogging can resume! Hurray! 
Anyway so last week when I purchased my other OPI Polish (NOTD here), I really wanted to purchase one more. I spent ages agonizing over different shades, until I spotted this one. It just screamed 'summer' to me!
Mod-ern Girl
Mod About Brights Collection
I would describe this as a reddish coral. It looks much more red in the bottle, however when applied, it definitely has tangerine undertones. The consistency when applied is almost of a jelly finish.
With flash...

 and without....

Very pretty! I shall keep this colour on, well for as long as Mr.Sunshine has his hat on, anyway! Definitely not a shade for the faint hearted, although I can see this being a gorgeous summer sandals toenail colour.
Seriously loving the glossiness of OPI polishes, I am impressed!
What do you think?

Now for the *exciting* news! I would just like to announce something that is making me very giddy right now. Of all the wonderful entries (and I have seen some very good ones), the amazing haircare brand Aussie have chosen 9 other girls and I to be honorary 'Aussie Angels'. I am not exactly sure what this all entails, however I am super excited!
You can check out my winning entry here and the list of the winners here. :o)
Exciting times are ahead my loves! Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my entry too, you are all angels! :o)
Love H xxx


  1. I've just handed in my last Law essay as well! It was driviiiing me mad! Love the nails, that's such a pretty colour! And go us for our Aussie Angel entries!! xxx

  2. Well done on handing in the essay and congrats on the Aussie Angel win! xx

  3. Congrats on becoming an Aussie Angel...your entry was brilliant! :)

    I love this polish...I have been after some nice red polishes and OPI seem to have a lovely collection!


  4. Congratulations on finishing your essay. Beautiful polish as well! :)


  5. aww yay congrats hunni! Your entry had to be a winner it was fab! waiting impatiently for my new OPI's to come! Congrats on your essay aswell xxx

  6. I LOVE this colour! Welcome to the Aussie team, which tribe are you in? :)

    Maria xxx

  7. lusssh colour.

    Helen, X

  8. Yay, well done.

    Sadie x



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