Monday, March 7, 2011

In and Out #2

Do any of you find driving completely therapeutic? I have an almost two hour drive to get to Uni, and I find it the best time to belt out some tunes and give this head of mine a good wobble. I had so much of a ponder this evening that I felt compelled to organize all of my little musings into an In and Out post to share with you all!

'Retro' Music- Somehow the other day I came across an ancient Spice Girls song, well that was enough, the other day I downloaded every one of my favourite songs from them and had a good old sing song to 'Spice Up Your Life' on the way to Uni today! Bit of S Club 7 too (don't judge!) Seriously, listen to this song and I guarantee you will smile!! Click and smile! 
Longer days- This was the first thing I noticed when driving today, it was 6:15pm and I barely needed my headlights on! Granted it was almost pitch black an hour later, but I appreciate the extra sunshine. Extra vitamin D lovely!
 Ugg Boots- I hauled these here and honestly, I haven't worn any other shoes (excepting when at work) since. They still feel like walking on clouds to this day! I'm kinda sad that the weather is getting warmer as I want to wear them all year round. :o( Then again, Ireland doesn't really ever get warm!
100 Followers and sharing the love- Seriously, I cannot thank each and every one of you that take the time to read my often nonsensical ramblings. To hit 100 is such an incredible milestone for me, a giveaway is coming up to say thank you back! Also, I was overwhelmed by Pixie Lashes kind words about my little blog. You should check her out, she has a great blog :o) Congrats on hitting 100 hun!
My New Perez- Do any of you remember when Perez Hilton was a bitch? Maniston anyone?! Well, he has become much more placid these days. So, it is refreshing to see someone essentially taking his place. The man in question? Silly Old Daniel. Read it, I dare you not to laugh.
Project Monthly MAC- It's coming soon, I'm excited! More details soon... :o)

Being a sicky lady- If any of you follow me on twitter (@hannahbanana661 follow me, it's fun! I never shut up!) You will have seen me complaining this week about my bad douse of the flu. If you know me at all, you will know how serious this was. I was so ill I had to cancel my hair appointment. Ew.
Fuel Prices- I have seen petrol as expensive as €1.49 p/l this week, that is sooo expensive. Thank god my car is not a gas guzzler!
Lady GaGa's new video- It's weird and scares me. Dislike.
The new seires of Skins- There is no storyline, it's pretty much just glamourizing drug taking, which I am 100% against. Plus, there is no story-line at all. Bring back Sid, Tony, Michelle and Cassie etc!!

Please link me to your IN AND OUT posts, I love reading them!
Did you smile when you clicked on the link? I always get transported back to Saturday mornings in front of the TV watching LA7 whilst scoffing CoCo pops! :o) Memories!
What a happy bunch :o)
Love, Hannah xoxo


  1. I loved this post!! I immediately clicked on it when I saw S Club 7 aka my favorite thing when I was younger lol and spice girls omg i have a playlist of itunes of all of my old music like that! Agreed as well on the longer days, I live for summer when it stays light til like 8? Love it :)

    Congrats on 100 followers love! Take care x

  2. I love s club 7 they were my childhood! =] xx

    I was toooo cool hahaa
    Currently downloading their greatest hits album LOL
    Love this post <3

  4. Hahah I am glad to have uncovered some 90's music lovers here <3

  5. I used to love S Club 7, was the first CD i ever brought and I loved the tv show too! And of course, what girl didn't love The Spice Girls?

  6. WOW i was just browsing your blog and saw my name thankyou so much :)))) xxx
    Oooh I wear my UGG's so much that both pairs have holes in the sad *sniff* but i wear a pair of black socks to disguise the hole in the black and beige ones for the other pair,l'il genius that i am hahaha
    Love Nat xxx

  7. this is great hannah! i agree with you on fuel prices and lady gaga! ughhhh...

    and retro music is absolutely the best!!! (esp spice girls hahha!)

    thanks for your sweet comments always! they make me smile and make my day :-)

    <3 megan

  8. Oh my God - I thought that I was the only closet S Club 7 fan!!!


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