Thursday, March 31, 2011

A couple of Blogger awards! Creativ & Stylish

Big shout out to the lovely Charli and Band of Blushers for passing these awards on to me! :o)

For the Kreativ Blogger award, I am required to share 10 facts about myself, for the Stylish Blogger award I share 7 facts... Jeez 17 facts about lil old me? Here goes...

1) Singing at the top of my voice while driving makes me happy.
2) I have already picked out my future childrens names, Dylan for a boy and Brooke for a girl.
3) I finish uni in one year and I have absolutely no idea what I will do afterwards.
4) I lived in Manchester until I was 12 years old, sometimes I think I would like to move back there.
5) I am incredibly close with my mum, she is my best friend.
6) I get such a rush from shopping. I am nipping into on Saturday and I am feeling giddy already!
7) Kath and Kim (Australian version) is my favourite TV show, ever! It is absolutely hilarious although it is never on TV.
7) I still remember the first time I saw the movie Legally Blonde, I watched in awe and from that day onwards I knew I had to go on to study law. And I did!
8) One time, Laura from Lollipop 26 (I have read her blog from start to finish at least twice- she is my blogging idol!) wrote back to me on twitter. It made my absolute week!
9) I still think there is something fascinating about Katie Price. Idiotic relationships aside, I think she is a shrewd business woman and good mother.
10) I bought an iPad last week, and I absolutely love it! Addicted!
11) Since I started blogging, my main interest (and expenditure) was on clothes, now it is make up. I literally start hyperventilating when  I enter boots.
12) Continuing on from my shopping addiction, I am completely comparable to Becky Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series! (Love it! I own them all...)
13) I told my boyfriend about my blog last weekend and he was very supportive! Delighted!
14) I consider some of my blogger/twitter friends to be like real ones! You know who you are!
15) I am eating a wholemeal bagel with Philadelphia cheese on yum yum 
16) I hate milk. I even have to brush my teeth straight after eating cereal to get the taste out of my mouth. So much so I no longer drink tea as I can't stand the milkyness! Loving all kinds of hebally tea's though.
17) Foods I will NEVER eat include fish & eggs (including mayonnaise). Never have, never will!

Phew! Well, I am sure you all know me a bit better now eh!
I am going to break the rules and pass this award on to every single one of my followers, I couldn't pick between you all! If you take me up on the award I would love to see your facts so link me in the comments!
Just going to pass this on to two *especially* lovely ladies:
Megan from A Suitcase And Stilettos
Hayley from The Dressing Room Mirror

H xoxo


  1. awwww thank you sooooo much lovely :) <3

    Haha i'm just like Miss.Bloomwood too haha :P OOOO when i saw Legally Blonde i wanted to go to law school haha xxx

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this made my day girl!!!! :-) always so cool to receive these from one of your fav bloggers :-)

    you just got an ipad!? i have one and im obsessed. infact, i play angry birds like ALL the time. I just beat Angry Birds Rio last night in like 2 hours. How embarrassing!

    And I love that you study law from inspiration from Legally Blonde! That movie rocked and was inspiring to me too...but i ended up in International Business and not law :-)

    And my boyfriend doesn't know about my blog! Nor do any of my friends! I figure it is an outlet for me so i dont want people knowing about it until i want them to! so glad he is supportive :-)

    have a great day hannah!

  3. ahh congrats on your awards chick!! I am also so similar to Becky Bloomwood it's scary!!! My shopaholic books are worn out with the amount of times I have read them!! The first one's pages are all hanging out haha!! xxx

  4. I AM BECKY BLOOMWOOD!!! Hahaha!! I love my shopaholic books so much, I read my first ever one on a car journey to the beach and refused to get out of the car until I had finished it :)
    I hate the taste of milk too it really gets to me, makes me feel ill if I can taste it for to long!


  5. @Hayley haha. Think there is a little becky bloomwood in all of us! Shopaholics unite :o) xx

    @Megan yeah I love the iPad!! I am addicted to angry birds also, I'm on the second level on the first page (I hope that makes sense!!) and that is only after starting the game one week ago! 2hours?? Girl that has to be some kind of record :o) yeah I didn't want anyone knowing about it...I still don't really :o( xxx

    @izzy thank you xx

    @pixie lashes haha that is so funny! I love those books :o) I totally should hav put your name on this award nomination thing ... Please take the awards hunny xxxxx

    @charli haha that is too funny! :o) I used to be like that with books too... Serious love for the bloomwood haha :o) omg can't believe you are just like me with the milk thing ugh...the ironic thing is that I was addicted to my bottle until I was like 5 years old... Embarrassing haha :o) xxxx

  6. Oooh, I'm also going to call my son Dylan. :) And only my boyfriend and one or two other people know about my blog and he is so supportive.


  7. Congratulations Megan and Hayley!
    I absolutely cannot drink milk either, I eat my cereal dry and drink my tea black it's that bad :-)


Let me know what you think, lovely ladies... <3


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