Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NOTD- OPI 'Pink-ing Of You'

Tuesday is the day that I finish Uni at 1pm and have the whole day free, I usually celebrate this by going shopping with my friends or relaxing for the day. However this Tuesday was different, I had a grand plan of getting in bed (don't judge, I have flu!) and working on my Law School essay for the day. Unfortunately old habits die hard and before I knew it, I was in town, shopping! This time though, I had good reason...
If any of you have read my previous post Project Monthly MAC, you will have seen how unhappy I am with the Paint Pot I purchased. Through some online research it seemed that the general consensus was that MAC can be returned, within two weeks with your receipt even if the product has been lightly used. As I have probably swatched the PP twice, and I bought it this day last week, off I went to the MAC counter. Unfortunately the MUA said that as the PP had been in 'human contact' I kid you not, it was un-returnable. Not even for an exchange. How annoying!! Have any of you had any trouble returning MAC or has it been plain sailing for you? Please let me know.

On the plus side, a small salon supplies shop (not a Sally's) has opened in my local shopping centre, and lo and behold, they stock OPI!
Pink-ing of You
Sheer Romance Collection
Seriously, that cute a name just makes me love this 100% more :o)

It really just is a milky baby pink, completely opaque (as below) in three coats.
What do you think? I think it is the perfect baby pink shade I love it!
Any other OPI recommendations for me?
Check out Project Monthly MAC and help me out :o)
H xoxo


  1. I have been searching for the perfect pale pink, and i may have found it :)
    Please check out my blog :) x

  2. Aww this was lovely. How much did you buy it from the shop?

  3. Such a pretty spring colour! Thats really bad about the Mac return, you could contact the website and say that it says different to what the store assistant told you?

  4. i reallllly like that! i feel like when i buy baby pink polish i have to put on 17 coats before color is noticable. im gonna have to check this out hannah!

  5. I love that color! But then again i'm pretty biased since my favorite color is pink, lol! ;-) My blog post today was about nail polish too!!


  6. That polish is lovely. I've never brought something back to Mac but I once saw a woman get a full refund on a half full bottle of foundation as she said it was making her eyes sting. Perhaps you could say the paintpot was doing that to yours!

  7. Gorgeous colour! Really cute and girly! :)

    Think I might have to buy this!


  8. That's such a cute pink! Love it, getting it! :D


  9. Very cute pink, looks lovely on you! Regarding the Montagne Jeunesse masques, I have super sensitive skin so I understand your pain. I have tried several of these and they never broke me out. Be sure to apply a good moisturizer afterwards (as with all masques) and your skin will look so much better :) Hope that was helpful, I will do a better review soon.

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair


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