Thursday, March 24, 2011

Poppy King for No7 - 'Power' Lip gloss (Review and Swatches)

Yesterday I was having a little midweek slump, the type only curable with a trip to Boots to buy something pretty. It is a TOTAL coincidence that this urge to shop collaborated with the release of Poppy King's (creator of Lipstick Queen, a brand that soley focuses on lip products) collaboration with No7 that came out yesterday (ahem). Also to my delight, I had a €7.50 (£5) off No7 voucher floating around my purse.
After much deliberation (the crowds hadn't exactly appeared in their drones for this release- just me then!) I settled on the lipgloss in Power - a raspberry pink.
As you can see, the gloss has no shimmer whatsoever, it is of a highly pigmented creamy consistency. These shots are of the gloss alone, on bare lips.

 Now for the packaging, the box is nice with a cute polka-dot design. Each shade they have has a different colour box.
 The actual tube is pretty plain, the lid is a metallic lilac with black polka dots, the tube is clear and not dissimilar from any other glosses No7 make, excepting the Poppy King signature. Some dislike this packaging but I think it is pretty. Regardless, it is all about the product. Especially in this instance as the product itself is fantastic.
  The Verdict:  Yes, purchase! but only if you have a No7 voucher handy as I believe that these are rather pricey for a drugstore brand. The glosses retail for £11 or €14.25 (here)  and the lipsticks are £12 or €16 I think (here). Anyway, I think the product is worth it as it is of a lovely finish and appears to be quite long lasting while still feeling moisturising. Very importantly, they are non sticky! I wouldn't personally buy both the lipstick and gloss in the same shade, when I swatched them instore it appeared that the glosses were not just complementary to the lip stick, they were in fact the same. I would completely recommend the gloss as it has as much of an impact that you may hope to find in a lipstick. Other shades available include History red, Intrigue a nude pink, Seduction wine, Glamour dusky pink, Confidence Golden peach, Allure peach.

Will you be purchasing? 
H xxx


  1. Aww it looks really nice on you love :) It looks like the gloss is pretty pigmented which is unusual and I LOVE the packaging, I think it's super cute :)

    Maria xxx

  2. I love your hair! :)

    The gloss really suits you...such a pretty colour!

    Think I'd only purchase if I had a voucher to use against it...I'm trying not to buy any more make up for the moment as I have a holiday to pay for...


  3. I love the cute packaging! :)

  4. It looks really nice on you and your hair is amazing! Seriously love it! xx

  5. Looks gorgeous but I have too many glosses to get through as it is!

  6. The colour looks lovely on you and im very jealous of your hair!! :-)
    I've only just discovered your blog today and i've sat and read most of it and have to say I LOVE IT!!
    I love all of your outfits and from all of your reviews, i've now got a long list of products to go and buy, starting with some Barry M nail varnish!!
    I've recently got back in to blogging and you've inspired me a lot, keep up the good work!!
    x x

  7. definately will be purchasing, really nice! suits you :)


  8. Thank you all for your incredibly kind comments :o)
    @Jen Thank you so much, I have had a look at your blog too and it looks great! I hope you stick with it and sorry for being a bad influence haha <3 xxxxx

  9. you really suit that pink colour!
    I always buy No7 lipsticks, they are def the longest lasting in my opinion!

  10. Loving your blog! This colour suits you so well! x

  11. Ooh fab review, gonna have to go and pick some up soon!

    Never thought about using baby wipes to clean brushes day to day - fab tip, thanks hun!


  12. hey hannah. i love this shade and the picture of you is amazing. you're so beautiful. and of course thank yuo for another great review. xoxo

    be sure to stop by tomorrow to see my picks for fash fave and fash fail of the week. xoxo

  13. great makeup

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  15. This looks lovely on you! Sadly this isn't available in India. :(
    I'm a new follower of your lovely blog! Do check mine out too, will you?


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