Wednesday, March 9, 2011

OOTD #6 - Pretty Neutrals

Do any of you follow Dulce Candy? Well, that's a stupid question, I am sure you all do. Personally, I love her. She was the first YT Guru I ever found and I think I have watched each and every one of her videos. Anyway, she blogs an OOTD almost every day, and the other day, one really caught my eye. (See Here!) I don't know, there was something really pretty about the nudes with denim. I loved it so much so, I attempted to interpret it in my own OOTD!
You must excuse the absolute tip that is my bedroom lately, visitors have taken over in the past couple weeks and I am left with a random single bed in there as well as other junk all over my room :o(
Top: New Look (Current Season) Avaliable here Really love this top, it is a definite nod to the huge 70's trend with the billow sleeves. I love this top so much I actually have it in a bright blue with pinky flowers on too. Such a wearable shape!
Jeggings: New Look They are the actual 'jean' material jeggings, ie. they are jeans minus the button and zipper. I hate the leggings that are basically navy and passed off as "jeggings". My only complaint about these jeggings are the fact that the ankle hole is soooo tiny! I do not have a big foot (I'm a 5.5/6 depending on the shoe), but for some reason my heels are too fat to get in these without brute force. My boyfriend had to pull at these for a good ten minutes to get them on me. However, now after a couple of wears they require much less effort.
How cute are these accessories? I had to do close-ups of them as I think they actually make the outfit, as on Dulce's OOTD.
L: Remember a couple of posts ago here, I said that I was doing so well avoiding 'love' necklaces? Yep, I cracked! I TOTALLY blame the first SATC Movie.. I need that keyring! Come on though, how pretty and detailed is that necklace, and for less than a fiver? Avaliable here. In posting this link I see it is available in other colours. I think I will buy some more, that kind of cute never goes out of style!
R: These leopard print pumps are from Asda would you believe! And, even better, they only cost £3 in the sale. I couldn't find them on the website but there was loads when my mum picked them up for me the other day. They seem sturdy and good quality, which I am pleasantly surprised about. It is still too chilly to commit to wearing pumps here, but they were great and very comfy that day!
Finally, I looove this headband! Sorry the picture quality is appalingly poor at this stage, I think my camera was just about to die on me here! However it is just one of those stretchy band type things in cream with dark brown polka-dots. Ever since I have started backbrushing my hair more often yes I know it is damaging my hair, and yes I know, my hairdresser will kill me! I have been buying many more headbands. This one is from Primark or somewhere, I can't quite remember.
I am very proud of my colour co-ordination in this post :o)
What do you guys think?
Love Hannah xxx

PS It's be rude for me not to mention the Groupon deal happening at the moment, for £9 they will send you a £20 ASOS voucher. This is brilliant value! Here is a link to the deal: GROUPON DEAL This is a 'recommend to a friend' type link, and I would receive a small credit if you did use my link. Alternatively just google Groupon :o) However as far as I know, the offer is only on until midnight tonight, and there is a limited amount of vouchers avaliable.
I'm thinking Benefit or maybe a Pauls Boutique purse... what will you spend your voucher on?


  1. I love Dulce Candy!! Very cute outfit...i want you hair hannah! xx

  2. Love the outfit the colours suit you so well!!
    Im also loving the LOVE necklace the detail is amazing for less than a fiver!

    Oooh yeah the ASOS/groupon voucher ive had DUWOP Twilight lip venom and OPI 'here today aragon tomorrow' saved all day waiting for midnight hahaha! the poor asos delivery man will be cursing me Ive made 3 seperate orders this week hehe! Lovely post hun Love Nat xxx

  3. You look gorgeous! I love the outfit and that bow in your hair is mega cute xx

  4. OMG i love your top and THANKS for mentioning about the Asos Groupon deal! That is awesome. I have a friend who works at Groupon and she neglected to mention this to me!!! AGHHH!

  5. Love the outfit. The shoes are my favorite part. I'm a sucker for animal print. My daughter has loads of those headbands. They are a bit young looking for my own taste but they are seriously cute on you guys :)

  6. I love your blouse!
    You look great :D x

  7. That necklace is gorgeous! And thanks for the tip about the ASOS voucher :)

  8. I love accessories, and i looove the necklace! Super duper cute!

  9. I love your blog so much!!

    What did you buy from ASOS, i always want to buy from there, but im not sure if their sizes are the same!


  10. Wow you look gorgeous darling, love that top and the hairband is adorable :) xx

  11. ♥love your blog♥

  12. Just found you blog, <3 it, your newest follower
    Izzy :)

  13. i love this outfit! i totally agree with you about dulce candy, i love her! i followed, cant wait to see more. great blog :D


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