Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lipstick Lover Review: 17 Mirror Shine 'Flirtini' & 'Peace'

I picked these lippies up absolutely ages ago (hauled here). I think it was the sheeny-shiny packaging that was my initial attraction, plus the fact that I hadn't tried any 17 products in years!
17 Mirror Shine: L-R Flirtini, Peace
as you can see, Flirtini has got slightly mushed.
Colour/Scent? Flirtini is Berry pink with subtle silver shimmer through it, Peace is an orangey peach colour with no shimmer.
Longevity? Maybe an hour? Not a long lasting product in the slightest.
Consistency? Just as you can see with Flirtini, the product is just the same as a normal stick lip balm as in if you stuck your finger in it, it would squish right down. (I am having trouble describing this, but hopefully you get the gist!) I used flirtini for one weekend and it just got destroyed. To put it in perceptive, I carry many lipsticks in my handbag for weeks on end, and I would use them a lot when going through a phase, and this has never happened before.
Pigmentation? Not bad, considering the consistensy. However it is not the type of lipstick you would use to build colour and put a gloss over, say. It is comparable to a pigmented lip gloss, in stick form.
Packaging? Nice metallic blue bullet with the 17 logo in hot pink.
Price? a very reasonable £4.59
Other shades available? 10 shades altogether, check them out here.
The verdict... I like these! I bought them thinking they would be more opaque, hell I even bought a lipgloss that day to go over Peace! Maybe they are aimed towards a younger crowd? I do think these would be brilliant for the summer though, on days where a full face of make up and lip colour aren't needed. Overall, they give a good wash of colour and are moisturising. Not bad for the bargainous price! NOTE: Don't use these with a heavy hand (like I did!).

What do you think? Have you tried these? 
H xoxo


  1. I love the blue metallic casing :) xx

  2. I had one of these in a different shade and it well and truly melted last summer :( I did love the wash of colour it gave up until that point! :)

  3. @ScienceGeek Me too! I think it makes them look much more luxe! :o)

    @JustLikeJasper Thanks lovely I like them too x

    @Rachael Me too! They are nice and moisturising though, cannot complain! For the price though, we truly cannot go wrong!

  4. I love these and I want to pick up more :) x

  5. Im in love with the packaging of these lipsticks, they look really pretty :)
    Love both of the colors :)

    Love your blog sweetie, im definitely going to follow :) Xoxo

    Please let me know what you think about my Giveaway idea :)


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