Monday, March 14, 2011

Project Monthly MAC: March (Saint Germain LS & Rubenesque PP)

In a world of "Project 10 Pan" and "Gloss Out", I thought I would break the rules and begin my own 'project' that encourages make-up purchases. Enter Project Monthly MAC
See, for a long time, I have been too angry towards the audacity of the prices of MAC in the Republic of Ireland, to make many purchases, usually waiting until I go to England to buy in bulk. Let me do a quick rundown of some prices here for you:
Lipstick UK: 13.50, using todays exchange rate on that should equal €15.58. Instead, we are charged EUR 17.50. Pointless mark up: almost €2
*Even Worse* I paid €19.00 for a Paint Pot that retails for 13.50 in the UK. Pointless mark up: €3.50
Needless to say, I am not impressed. However I wish to expand my collection and this is how I plan to...

Project Monthly MAC: The Rules
Once per month, I will be making a purchase at MAC. I will purchase up to three separate items. This purchase will be well considered and thought out, and I will not be swayed by MUA's trying to get me to purchase more! When the purchase is complete I will blog about it, and ask you lovely ladies what you think my next couple of purchases should be.

This month, I really wanted to buy a lipstick in a barbie pink shade. I had done my online research, and I had narrowed it down to Snob, Saint Germain and Viva Glam GaGa. When I swatched them in the shop I figured that Snob was too daytime and GaGa too sheer, so I settled on the very gorgeous Saint Germain.
It is an Amplified, so you know it is going to be super pigmented. A little goes a long way with this little beauty!
Next I really wanted to try a paint pot. I planned on getting Bare Study but when I swatched it in the shop, it was far too pale to show up on my skin. Instead I bought Rubenesque.
 Honestly? I shouldn't have bought this. It is barely visible on my eyelid at all, it would be pointless as an eyeshadow, and can really only be used as a base. Here is a picture of my eye with the product on... Would you think it is just a bare eyelid? I would...
Sorry, bad eyelash day! :o)
However, I understand why I was confused as it looks soo pretty in person; a beautiful peachy gold with pink shimmer, what's not to like!
What the HELL am I supposed to do with this paintpot to make it worth the price?

For Aprils Project Monthly MAC, I am going to buy one (or all) of the following, and I need your help!!
Blusher - I have Fleur Power, so something lighter I think (not as light as Well Dressed though)
Lipstick- Something darker, perhaps Girl About Town. Maybe something more daytime, either. A  rosy pink?
Eyeshadow- Just a nice golden lid colour. :o)

Please leave your recommendations in the comments below (or if you think I should buy something totally different!), this project will only be fun with your input! :o)
H xxx

To add to this insanely long post, I'd just like to let you know about a little Guest Post I have written on Charli's blog 'Secrets Behind the Closet Door'. You can have a nosey here.


  1. Oohhh Awesome Post Hannah!!
    I love that you want to be encouraged hahaha!!!
    Have you tried 'woodwinked' as a golden day colour I have it on today,its been ages since I used it and Im really loving it,I have applied MAC 'Sumptuous olive' into the contour crease (a gorgeous olive/gold) Its a different look with some forgotten colours But both colours are so lovely :)
    Love Nat xxx

  2. so i totally get embarrassed when MAC has tonsss of products and you name a few and i already have them LOL! basically meaning i have too much makeup!

    i love the lipstick you bought, for starters. i think everyone should own a barbie pink! i own the gaga actually :-) and on my skin tone, that is plenty pink enough...especially with the lip gloss over it! i also own girl about town. it is a great shade of dark, but bright pink. it definietly must be applied with a good lipliner, however.

    as for paint pots...i have NEVER used them from MAC, but i just recently invested in a few creme eyeshadows from benefit (im gonna be posting them soon). they are AMAZING. do yall have benefit products there? there are some that i think would be the colors you are looking for if so! (

    hope you have a great week sweetie!

  3. Great post & I love that it's going to be a monthly feature.
    I haven't tried anything from MAC yet but I really like the lipstick you bought.

  4. The lipstick is lovely, I like the look of Snob too :) So disappointed about Rubenesque, I've been considering getting it as it looks gorgeous in the pot!

  5. Saint Germain looks gorgeous on you but I'm scared it would wash me out z=

  6. @Pixielashes Thanks for your help! I will put Woodwinked on my list (yes I am taking this very seriously haha :o) )

    @Megan Thanks for the advice! I really like the look of Girl About Town, I will have to see about a lipliner though :o) I have heard a little about the Benefit, can't wait to see your post on them :o)

    @Just Like Jasper You should! They are expensive, but if they are well thought out purchases, they are worth it :o)

    @Sparkle and Grey I could be wrong about Rubanesque, maybe it's only supposed to be a base. If i'd have known that I'd have gone for UDPP and saved myself some money :P

    @GABY I really dont think it would, it really is an intense pink!

  7. haha I love it let me know if you like it chick :) xxx
    P.s check out your GFC you are flying girl! ;D xxx

  8. Maybe Blusher wise think about Pink Swoon? :) x

  9. I love the lipstick! I hear Saint Germain is a popular color! It looks fabulous on you! <3

  10. Oh my gawwwwd Hannah this is the perfect post because im cash poor atm!! I have been on the MAC site and had a fab time shopping for you hehehe the sheen supreme lipstick in 'insanely it' looks so gorgeous its a watermelon pink I need it in my life!!! :)) xxx

  11. THANK YOU I love it... I need it in my life *adds to list* <3

  12. haha its definitely insanely IT!! Let me know if you get it chick :) xxx

  13. I have girl about town - it is the best lipstick EVER! I love it! I also want Impassioned but I don't think it'd suit my skin tone!


  14. That lipstick really suits you, you're adorable!

  15. Nice blog post. Check out my view on MAC prices, here.

    I love your blog, and I would love it if you could check out my blog and possibly follow back:



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