Friday, March 18, 2011

Put a Spring in your Spring! Tell us, how would you lighten up your life? #AussieLight

Lets face it, times are tough at the moment. Natural disasters, crumbling economies and corrupt governments worldwide, to name but a few things that could make you cry into your cereal every morning.
However, I find that the best way to put a spring in my Spring and a smile on my face is to embrace the little things...

Smile at little kids, 
Pop a few quid in a charity box,
Wear that daring lipstick and be bold,
Dance around your room when you are getting ready in the morning,
Hug your mum, just because,
Eat that last chocolate,
Embrace your hair sins and nourish them accordingly,
Spare a thought for those less fortunate <3
Play your favourite 90's pop music in your car and belt out those lyrics you thought you forgot long ago,
Love that the daffodils are growing everywhere as a sure sign of Spring!

And when you have smiled, popped, worn, danced, hugged, eaten, spared a thought, embraced, played and loved, you may just find that something special has happened, yep a spring is in your Spring!
You best believe I drew a halo on my head!
Above is a visual representation of me as a potential Aussie Angel :o)
In order to put a Spring in My Spring I have been combating my hair sins (to become an angel, see!).
Miracle Moist Shampoo because my hair is highlighted and it can be quite dry.
Volume Conditioner because I like BIG hair.
Take the Heat 3-minute miracle because I am a fiend with my GHD's and my hair needs some TLC!

And if you ever feel down remember something very important...
'There is more to life than hair but it is a good place to start' -Aussie Philosophy


  1. You best believe you are gonna be an Aussie angel! Love it hunni!!! xxx

  2. Awww what a cute post! Good luck with that x

  3. your blog is so cute, following you honey :) xxx

  4. I've always loved that Aussie philosophy!

  5. Hey hun great blog, I'm a new follower! <3
    Would really appreciate it if you would pass by my blog and follow if you like it :)

    Thank you sweetie xoxo

    Angel High Heels & Lipgloss


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