Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Skin BEGONE!

If you are as lucky as me in that you suffer from dry skin year-round, or not, I have no doubt that the mad temperature changes at the moment are wreaking havoc on your skin. Never fear, I have decided to share what has been given my stamp of approval and keeping scaly skin at bay!

Seriously, where would we be without Body Shop Butters? I've been using these for years and to be honest with the great deals online, I rarely don't have one of these on the go! My recent faves are this Duo where one side is a body butter and the other more of a lotion. I have this in Sweet Pea which is a floral scent that usually I don't like however this will be lovely and fresh for Spring. As typical sweet tooth me, the Gingerbread one that I got for Christmas is always amazing, good enough to eat and leaves super soft skin.
I honestly cannot sing the praises of this iRejuvinate Cream of Wonders by Forrest Skincare* enough. I see this as my miracle cream, as fun as the Body Shop butters are, I would swap 1000 of them for just one tube of this baby! The reason? I suffer from Eczema and when I use this, I can actually feel my skin drinking it up. It doesn't feel greasy on the skin and for this reason I keep the 'try me' size on my desk at work, then if I get any flare ups I can apply at my desk without worrying about my clothes. It contains Lupin Seed extracts and Chlorella peptides that actually promote skin elasticity, and it is Paraben Free, always a goodie in my book. Just what weather-battered skin needs! 

 Finally I bring you my oh my god, smells so good body soufflĂ©. This is a teeny-tiny pot that I use sparingly as I picked it up in TK Maxx and I haven't seen them in since. As a huge lover of everything Philosophy (excepting Purity face wash, we have fallen out. Blog post to come.) because of their amazing scents, this is of course one of my favourites! As well as being moisturising, this gives a light sheen, a favourite for nights out and special occasions.

What are your favourites for smoothie skin? Let me know, I need more to add to my collection!


*PR Sample

The Sunday Ritual

Being a graduate is tough. There, I said it. Gone are the 12 hours-a-week lectures and two weeks of intense cramming per semester. Say hello to going through the motions Monday-Friday and scrabbling to do as much as possible over the weekend. This always leaves me zapped on a Sunday night but with little wind-down time. This is how I came up with my new secret weapon, the Sunday Ritual.

To a hot bath add one Lush Bath Bomb, this is something I stock up on a few of every month. This Dorothy one is a constant repurchase which contains Ylang Ylang Oil that is known for its relaxing properties. This or anything containing Lavender is key.
 To this I then add a squidge of Deep Heat Muscle Rescue bath soak*. This is a girlie version of the classic sports injury type stuff your Dad used to use and with a relaxing bath bomb really soothes any aching muscles. I find after 40 hours of typing a week my back gets really sore so this really helps. I use the neck and shoulder cream* for any spot pain during the week too. PLUS this stuff smells gorgey, the rosemary and orange of the bubble bath leaves you smelling lovely!

Next I dig into my always well stocked up pile of Montagne Jeunesse face masks. These are around £1, easily accessible in like ASDA  so something I just throw in the trolley every so often. I love having a different one every week and trying different types 
This demonstrates the epic fun I had last week with the Chocolate mask of choice! (lol)

Finally, I usually treat myself to a new book on my kindle, light a Yankee Candle (Sugared Apple is as shown below) and relax!
The finished result looks something like this....

Do you have 'me time' on a Sunday? What are your favourite relaxing products?


*PR Sample


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