Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Sunday Ritual

Being a graduate is tough. There, I said it. Gone are the 12 hours-a-week lectures and two weeks of intense cramming per semester. Say hello to going through the motions Monday-Friday and scrabbling to do as much as possible over the weekend. This always leaves me zapped on a Sunday night but with little wind-down time. This is how I came up with my new secret weapon, the Sunday Ritual.

To a hot bath add one Lush Bath Bomb, this is something I stock up on a few of every month. This Dorothy one is a constant repurchase which contains Ylang Ylang Oil that is known for its relaxing properties. This or anything containing Lavender is key.
 To this I then add a squidge of Deep Heat Muscle Rescue bath soak*. This is a girlie version of the classic sports injury type stuff your Dad used to use and with a relaxing bath bomb really soothes any aching muscles. I find after 40 hours of typing a week my back gets really sore so this really helps. I use the neck and shoulder cream* for any spot pain during the week too. PLUS this stuff smells gorgey, the rosemary and orange of the bubble bath leaves you smelling lovely!

Next I dig into my always well stocked up pile of Montagne Jeunesse face masks. These are around £1, easily accessible in like ASDA  so something I just throw in the trolley every so often. I love having a different one every week and trying different types 
This demonstrates the epic fun I had last week with the Chocolate mask of choice! (lol)

Finally, I usually treat myself to a new book on my kindle, light a Yankee Candle (Sugared Apple is as shown below) and relax!
The finished result looks something like this....

Do you have 'me time' on a Sunday? What are your favourite relaxing products?


*PR Sample


  1. I love taking time for a relaxing bath on a Sunday, you are very brave to use your Kindle in the bath! x

  2. ah great ritual, I totally do this but it tends to be a monday rather than a sunday xx

  3. I love Sunday evenings, and I always try and find time to treat myself. I love the sound of the deep heat stuff!


  4. Yes yes yes! I too have to spend 40 hours a week typing and I get nasty back pain (which is more at my shoulder blade, and is probably related to ulnar nerve trouble, woe!) and I love to have a bath evening every week. I also usually have a Lush bomb or bubble bar to hand, a candle, facemask, hair mask and an audiobook on speaker on my phone. I have the deep heat cream you mention above too, it's sooooooo soothing. Great minds think alike :D

  5. I lush products and I love Dorothy bath bars because they smell so good.
    Boutique Bag Lady


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