Monday, October 8, 2012

Endless Repurchase #3: MAC Brush Cleanser

I guarantee that I am not the only one who puts off cleaning brushes 'just incase' you might need to use them before they get dry or you would wake up in the morning with damp brushes.. nightmare!
For this reason there is no surprise that MAC Brush Cleanser has become a staple in my makeup routine for spot, yet deep, cleaning.

The process is simple- I pour a little on to a cotton wool pad and simply brush the tips of my brushes over. Leaving them to dry for only a couple hours max would result in even the fluffiest brush being clean and dry.
The two cotton pads above are the evidence of what was lurking in my makeup brushes!
I still do a deep clean of my makeup brushes weekly, using Johnsons baby shampoo however this is a great way to fix brushes on the go or strip them of color- ie. if you only have one or two eyeshadow brushes. In all, I think it is well worth the £9.50 price tag as a bottle of this lasts for months, also bonus that it qualifies for Back to MAC!
Have you tried this? If so, would you repurchase?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MAC & Clinique Haul

When I was in Liverpool I made it my mission to pick up all of the things I had been putting off buying. As mentioned, I bought a Philosophy facewash that I adore so needed to finish off my new face routine. As well as that I got two make-up items that filled an empty space in my makeup routine!
I went into MAC with the intention of picking up a light under-eye concealer. I explained to the MUA that I don't have any discolouration issues, I just wanted something to lift the area. I was glad that I was recommended MAC Prep and Prime highlighter in Light Boost, basically MAC's answer to YSL Touche Eclat at a much smaller price. There is no visible iridescence but it does very much brighten my under eyes, it can be also used above cheekbones as a highlight so I will try it out. (£17.50)

To go with my new Philosophy cleanser, I needed a new moisturiser. After sifting through your recommendations on twitter and blogger I settled on Clinique Dramatically Different. This definitely leaves my skin moisturised and fresh, this may sound silly but I feel the metal cap gives the product a little more of a cool feeling, I love it! (£17 for 50ml)

MAC 210 Precise Eye Liner Brush: I had been intending on picking up a liquid eyeliner brush for quite some time as I have 2 MAC fluidlines, yet absolutely no brush to use them with! I'm finding it much easier to use than anticipated which is great. (£17)
MAC Gently off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover: To complete my makeup removal routine I needed an eye makeup remover as I have a slight soap-in-eye phobia. I'm liking this so far, my mascara is left without a trace and the area doesn't feel like any residue is left behind, plus it's back 2 MAC-able, always a bonus! (£14)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Topshop/Hollister/Jack Wills/H&M Haul

Earlier last week I went to Liverpool for a shopping spree. As I am now officially Job hunting I need to make a capsule 'working wardrobe', however as the search is still on I also needed some casual clothing for running errands etc, as that is what I am doing during most days. I also had a little MAC spree, that haul will be up in the coming days.

1. H&M Love this 3/4 sleeve cream lace top, it would look dressy with skinny trousers and heels or casual with jeans (£14.99)
2. H&M As much as I've lusted over embellished Peter Pan collars, I had been yet to make a purchase. This plain black t-shirt shape top fits perfectly with the contrasting cream collar embellished with pearls and diamante's, love!
3. Hollister I love these casual tops from Hollister, I sound like my Mum but they wash really well so I don't mind paying a little extra for them. (£16)
4. Hollister I have a similiar one of these that I paid full price for (grrr) quite recently. I love the grey variation as I adore layering up light jumpers in the autumn. (£22.60)
5. Topshop I adore the peplum trend! This top was great value and a great core piece, on the look out for a cute collar necklace to go with it as well. Definitely going to buy it in cream too next time I go shopping. (£18)
6. Jack Wills This top was a bargain in the sale (down from £69!!!!!) however when I got home I realised it is 55% silk and dry clean only, disaster! I am contemplating returning this as I don't want to ruin it by hand washing it- any tips will be greatly appreciated. (£24)
7. Jack Wills I bought a similar top to this in a different print (again, full price. Rage.) last month and I was happy to see it in a more wintery colour scheme. (£12)
8. Jack Wills I love cosy tracksuit bottoms for lounging and running to the gym. These are a little different to ones I have already as the ankles are cuffed but I am pleased they look cute with converse. (£49)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

This Weekend #1

I never usually post on weekends, however I thought it's a perfect time to do a little mish-mash of what I've been up to, loving and feeling in a little personal post. Plus as my Pinterest and Instagram addictions rapidly snowball, it'll be fab to have somewhere to share it!


                                                                              Source: via Hannah on Pinterest


I decided I'm going to buy myself a substantial Graduation present as so much has gone into my 3 years at Uni. I've lusted over all things Louis Vuitton for as long as I knew what they were and I think it will be perfect to commemorate the occasion. I'll be purchasing in the next couple of weeks ahead of my Graduation on October 22nd.


John Mayer! Since I've bought my MacBook my old iTunes has been wiped so I've only just got around to rediscovering the music that I loved so much, John Mayer has one of those voices I could happily listen to all day long. Gravity is one of my favorite songs by him and contains one of my favourite quotes ~ Keep me where the light is.

Inspired by...

The way Nicole Richie has styled her Alexander McQueen scarf to enhance simple outfits. I've lusted over these for quite some time and always thought I'd go for the black/white option if I ever was to purchase however I'm currently adoring this deep magenta shade.

Sash the Norwegian Forest cat made a beeline for my shopping bags after my shopping splurge earlier on in the week!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My new skincare Philosophy

I recently decided to take the plunge and invest in some decent skincare. Philosophy had been a brand I had heard raved about on blogs and YT, however I wasn't sure about it's availability in the UK. This was all until recently I was delighted to see a big new display in Debenhams. 
Philosophy 'Purity' one-step facial cleansing wash - Debenhams, £17 for 240ml
To sample the brand I decided on the Purity one-step facial cleanser. I am quite sceptical of brands that claim to cleanse/tone/moisturise/removemakeup/eveneyemakeup but I can honestly say that this one lives up to at least some of its claims. This is undoubtedly the first facewash that just melts away my full makeup without leaving anything behind, even eye makeup. Despite this I have a bit of a soap-in-eyes phobia so I will be buying an eye makeup remover, it is nice to know this works though, in the case of an emergency! It is a moisturising wash, however there is still a definite need for a moisturiser after- saying that I do suffer from dry skin. I haven't noticed this breaking me out in the past 2 weeks of use, nor particularly clearing up my skin. I could be going through a purging phase though, overall I am very impressed!
The lady at Debenhams saw me eyeing up the rest of the skincare range and kindly filled my bag with some more goodies.
Hope in a Jar moisturiser: Generous sample that I have now finished. Seriously considering buying the full size of this although it did sting my eyes a little, however this could just have been my clumsiness.
I haven't used my Eye Hope eye cream or The Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash yet, I will include them in another post when I get round to it.

To finish off my new facial routine, I need some advice from the beauty-savvy girls that read this. Can any of you recommend me any amazing moisturiser suitable for normal to dry skin? I don't mind a splurge!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alison Claire Beauty: review

I recently recieved a couple of generous samples from Alison Claire, a company specialising in hair and skincare products. As someone with endless trouble with sensitive skin, any natural products are an absolute bonus!
Foot creams aren't something I often use however this generous sample will last me quite some time due to the rich and creamy texture. Peppermint is the default scent for foot creams however the Witch Hazel gives it a nice edge as well as the healing properties included. My favourite way to use this is before bed with a pair of fluffy socks on overnight! I've used this a few times but today I cannot believe how smooth my feet feel, lovely. (£12 for 200ml)

This was my absolute favourite product, one that is on my 'must buy' list. I can honestly say that I have never had such a deliciously scented product (this just tipped my fave Palmers Cocoa Butter off the podium). Mango and Coconut seemed like a strange combination yet once I tried it the scent was unmistakable. Tropical Solero.. yum!! Wonderfully moisturising with an amazing scent- winner! (£12 for 200ml)

Check out the website- Alison Claire bio-natural beauty
Samples sent for review consideration.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Giveaway!!! Win a MAC lipstick :o)

To celebrate my recent return to blogging I have decided to launch a little giveaway to say thank you!
I am offering one of you lovely ladies a brand new MAC lipstick, of your choice. Just enter the Rafflecopter below and on the 14th I will randomly draw a winner. This giveaway is open worldwide and you must be a blog follower to qualify for entry.

The lipstick will be completely of your choice, if there is a limited edition one out at that time that tickles your fancy, I will of course try and accommodate you.

Also, I would love to find some new blogs to follow to refresh my reading list a little so please post your blog URL when leaving your blog comment and I will check it out!

Thanks beautiful's! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MAC CCO Haul ~ Cheshire Oaks

Over the bank holiday weekend I made a highly anticipated trip to the CCO in Cheshire Oaks. Having never been to one of these, I had no idea of what to expect however I was delighted with the MAC offering!
The first item that there was no question of me purchasing was a tender tone lip balm. In store they had three different ones from the Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection that I recently missed out on. I settled for the shade Hot n' Saucy, a shade that appears to be a cherry red in the pot but really sheers out on the lips with a super moisturising finish. I love the expensive looking packaging of these too, just like Studio Sculpt concealer and Paint Pots. (apprx. £8)
This Lipglass was an impulse buy, its a milky nude shade called 'Wee Coquette', as most things in the CCO it is from an old collection. This shade though had appeared in two collections- 'MAC Me Up' and 'Naturally'. I like this, especially over Angel lipstick. (apprx £10)

Unlike the awful amount of my MAC lipsticks and other products that have managed to go missing, my brushes have truly stood the test of time. The CCO had a small collection available but the one that stood out most to me was this concealer brush. I have recently fallen in love with Studio Sculpt concealer and needed something to accompany it. (apprx £12)

Finally, I hadn't treated myself to a new blush in quite some time so when I saw MAC 'Fever' (a permanent product) on sale I jumped at the chance. In-store I am sure this would be something I would have written off as too dark, however swatching it out showed it to be a perfect rose pink shade for Autumn. (apprx £13)

Have you visited any CCO's recently?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hair & Skin recovery kit

 Despite being a hair and skincare junkie, when I went away this summer it was impossible to keep it up. Suncream and aftersun used daily on my face resulted in clogged pores and breakouts, disaster!  My hair got even worse, I used to pride myself on being one of the only blondies I knew with shiny hair but the crazy Cyprus sun left it frazzled to pieces, this coupled with chlorine and rubbish hair conditioner and lack of care has left me with a ridiculous dreadlock on one side of my head too! 

Whilst scouring Boots today for a fix I decided to go with the only haircare brand I actually trust, Aussie. Their 3 Minute Miracles have always been a feature in my hair routine and I am delighted their yummy peach one is back, I adored this last summer! I actually left this on for half an hour tonight for a mega recovery boost, super smooth hair was the result.
 This is another Aussie product that I adore, their brilliant Miracle Hair Insurance leave in conditioner. I used this on my epic dreadlock (I'd post a picture but it honestly is far too hideous) with a wide toothed comb, in all it took an hour to tease out. Not bad considering I was very close to chopping it out completely! 
 I have reviewed Montagne Jeunesse face masks before, and before I went away I was sent some from the mens range. Ever the experimentist I decided to give it a go myself, purely lured in by the promise that it 'draws out dirt and grime to revitalize skin'. It definitely gave my skin a deep scrub and it felt fresh afterwards, the only thing I didn't like is the manly scent- but to be fair I should have seen that coming :o).

Have you ever had to have a major recovery night? What products would you use?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Liz Earle: Sheer Skin Tint

 This is a product I have had for ages yet didn't do a proper review on because it just didn't suit my foundation needs- full, matte coverage. Instead this combines Liz Earle's wonderful moisturizer formula with a tint, their first foray into cosmetics. I brought this to Cyprus with me and it ended up being an absolute God-send, the factor 15 meant that I never burnt my face whilst wearing this and it provided a sheer wash of color that livened up and evened my complexion, while not being too heavy that it would melt off in the heat.

When blended, the product gives an unmissable tint that is long lasting and leaves a lovely finish. I used to just apply this lightly and top it off with MAC Studio Fix powder for nights out as my usual foundation oxidized far too quickly in the heat to look good.
Although this was sent to me as a PR sample, at £21 I would thoroughly recommend it if looking for a light coverage foundation or something suitable for a holiday that will give that necessary SPF while looking fresh and put-together poolside. Now I'm in a cooler climate I have been using this for days I don't want to wear a full face of foundation, I actually like the natural finish of this as a change from the usual. Now I've tried and fallen in love with this, I can't wait to try more from Liz Earle's recently expanded beauty range.
Any recommendations?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Endless Repurchase #2: Urban Decay Naked Palette

The naked palette has become an absolute staple for each and every beauty blogger, I received mine for my 20th birthday and had featured it in loads of FOTD's in the past year or so. Such a huge product release meant my dashboard was flooded with rave reviews- so much so that I didn't even bother reviewing it myself (for great swatches, check out Adrienne- The Sunday Girl's post here). Suffice to say, it's love.
The reason that this is an Endless Purchase is as I had used up almost all of my favorite shades and was just a hair away from hitting pan on many others. With my travels on the horizon I found it impossible to track down any of the individual shades online, so I just bought another palette and left my old one at home with my mum for the summer. 
My absolute favorites are as you can see: Virgin (satin highlight shade), Sin (champagne), Sidecar (light brown with golden shimmer), Buck (my perfect eyebrow filler shade) and Half Baked (bronzy/gold).
What are your favourite UD Naked Palette shadows?

Monday, August 13, 2012

I don't like it.

 There's nothing more upsetting than spending hard earned cash on make up products that don't suit your skin tone, are impossible to work with or are just overhyped. I fully expect people to disagree with my opinions here, basically it is just products that have not worked for me. Interestingly I purchased each of these items online, this says quite a bit for blind makeup shopping and relying on swatches...

Models Own 'Concrete Mixer'
This was the polish du jour in Spring '11 and after many rave reviews I purchased it from ASOS (haul here). The formulation, as with all Models Own polishes is sublime however it is the color I cannot stand. On others, this greige is stunning- on me it looks yellowish and downright dirty. Suffice to say I have used it once, and it has been relegated to my nail polish drawer- disappointing.

MAC Mineralise Blush 'Miss Behave' from the Ouite Cute collection.
This was the first and last MAC collection that I fell in love with and made silly purchases from. In this collection a trio of mineralize blushes (a formulation I love!) was released- one pink, one purple and one peach and green??? Really Hannah.. Really? I tried to use it as a highlight and frankly I have much better in my collection. Do any of you own this and have a use for it? I'd love some enlightenment before I back to MAC it out of frustration!

Another high-end disappointment comes in the form of one of Benefits highly regarded boxed blushes of which I own several. Thrrrob was a natural addition to my collection, I even remember buying this as it was compared to NARS Angelika which I had been lusting after for quite some time when I saw it in a blog sale. This light pink shade does not show up on my NC30 skin as a blush, and isn't 'illuminating' enough to use as a highlighter. The other problem is the consistency, it is hideously chalky, as I am sure you can see from the swatch. Due to the fact I purchased this from a blog sale and I have only loved other Benefit products means I am wondering if this is a fake (and I have got very ripped off). So much so that I am currently scrutinizing this post about such fakes and I haven't got a good feeling about it. If any of you own this, do you have the same problem?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Topshop/MissSelfridge haul!

After a summer of sandals and bikinis, upon my arrival home a shopping trip was completely necessary to get some climate-appropriate clothes! I was quite restrained, considering I hadn't been clothes shopping in 2.5 months but thanks to the sales (and a week long stopover in Manchester, hello Trafford Centre!) I got some investment pieces at really good prices.
Topshop 'Leigh' skinny jeans: purple, bright blue, navy.
When I returned from Cyprus I realized that most of my jeans no longer fitted me or were just old and misshapen. My favorite type of jeans of all time are Topshop Moto 'Leigh', skinny jeans with turned up ankles. They retail for €58 or £38 which I find to be a completely ridiculous conversion rate, but whilst in the UK I stocked up!

The only pair I paid full price for was the navy, the blue and purple were only £20 each. I love the fact I have managed to get a different leg length in every pair, thanks to the colored two being on sale I had to go with what was available.
After arriving home with only sandals and two pairs of Tom's, some pretty new pumps were very necessary to update my wardrobe. The tiger/turquoise pair are from Miss Selfiridge for a mere £7 (full price £20). I am in love with the pointed pink suede pair that I got in the Topshop sale for just £15 (full price £35), the diamante Union Jack design is also a nice nod to the trend.
Did any of you grab any bargains in the Topshop sale?

Friday, August 10, 2012

She's back!

Huge thanks and love for the 800+ of you that have stuck around during my blog hiatus. Especially since my last post was in February, but believe me I have been on some adventures!

 In May, I finished my final year exams and completed my degree in Corporate Law. This coincided with my 21st birthday, so I threw a party and had an amazing night with family, friends and far too many jelly shots!
My (not so) little brother and I at my 21st party.

May 25th, 4 days before I turned 21 for real I flew to the resort of Ayia Napa in Cyprus where I would work for the next 2 months! It has been a summer full of highs and lows, epic heat, even better parties and getting to know people that I otherwise may never have met, all thrown together in a tiny corner of Cyprus. I had two jobs while over there, one was selling tickets for Party Hard bar crawl and the other was selling jelly shots at a bar. I'm glad I tried both jobs in the two months I was there so I experienced both types of resort work.
Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa; 24/7/2012
Cyprus is such a beautiful place as you can see in the cheeky snap of me on the beach above! Crystal clear water and white sand = heaven! The heat became gradually unbearable, peaking at 46 degrees Celsius and 74% humidity. The flip side of this is that my English Rose complexion *cough pale cough* got a base tan which I am still delighted with, much better than the fake tan I have been obsessed with for years.

I have so much to look forward to with my graduation, entering the working world and moving back to my roots in the UK in the next couple of months. In the mean time I am so excited to start blogging properly again!


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