Friday, April 1, 2011

NOTD- OPI Katy Perry 'Teenage Dream'

Teenage Dream
Katy Perry Collection
Doesn't that picture just say it all? If not, I will spell it out I am in LOVE!
I don't usually choose glitter nail polishes pain to remove, kind of tacky etc... But this one is just ah-mazing as you can see!
This truly is no ordinary glitter polish, it is not just a base colour with flecks of sparkle, I believe this polish is made up of teeeny pink sparkles and larger silver glitter suspended in a pink-tinted solution. The effect in three coats is multi-dimensional nail colour. Gorgeous!
 Taken with flash, you can see the reflection of the silver here especially.
 L-R Direct sunlight, slightly away from the sunlight.

Now, the only problem is, how on earth do I remove three layers of glitter?
....eventually... this baby is going nowhere at least for a little while!
Is this too tacky? or is it love?
H xoxo


  1. omg its gorgeous :)
    I <3 it, I WANT IT, NO I NEED IT!!!!
    izzy x

  2. Yay, I love this polish!

    BTW, I did a tutorial on how to remove glitter polish without wanting to tear your hair out!


  3. Beautiful polish! Love the color.

    Was going to mention the tinfoil trick but the lady above me has beat me to it! =)

  4. Ooooh this is a gorgeous polish. I bought it with my groupon voucher, I've not worn it myself yet but I painted my 8yr old nieces nails with is and she loved it!

  5. I love this also and had to buy it! :)

  6. This looks gorgeous! Definitely will be buying this! :) x

  7. LOVING it. I normally shun glitter polish because it is dang near impossible to remove...but when Katy Perry's OPI line came out I must reconsider (even though I don't have any yet). I use pure acetone to remove LOL. Hope u have a good weekend Hannah!

    <3 Megan

  8. I love it!! I like to wear OPI's black shatter over it also! :-)

  9. I love it! Glitter is a pain to remove though.

  10. This is like dreams in a bottle!!

    Soooo GORGEOUS!!

    I hate removing glitter polish so when I wear it im like you are staying there until I really have to take you off lol!


  11. Gorgeous colour! So sparkly and girly!

    Removing glitter polish is a pain! I'm sure if you have a relatively good polish remover then it should be okay...just might take a while either way! Lol!


  12. Than you all so much for your kind comments!! :o) if any of you want to know how to remove glitter nail polis please check out gem fatales tip in the comments, it looks like a good one!! :o) xxxx

  13. i just bought the black shatter polish by OPI this weekend! made me think of you! hope that glitter came off!

  14. Hello Glitter Doll! I am happy to meet your sparkly girly nail polish! I need this on my toes asap! xox!


Let me know what you think, lovely ladies... <3


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