Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NOTD- OPI 'You Don't Know Jacques!'

In quite a swift change from my slightly tacky yet beautiful previous NOTD, I bring you something much more sophisticated! This colour was the 'in' thing over A/W10 and yet again I was slow to catch the trend, however I am glad I did because I love this.
You Don't Know Jacques!
Collection de France
I would describe the shade as a browny taupe. It is a cream formula and is totally opaque (and gorgeous) in two coats.

The name of this polish is genius! There is something about the way that OPI names their shades, it's so endearing or something. :o)
 I applied this on Saturday and I am happy to report that we have minimal chipping, just the tip had worn off nothing that an extra coat couldn't fix!
The funny thing is, if you had told me a few years ago that I would be sporting a brown nail polish and with pride I would have never believed you. However I can't help feeling all sophisticated wearing this before the good weather finally arrives and I am launched into wearing pastels and brights until next autumn!
What do you think? Does this tickle your (french) fancy?
Or are my jokes just L A M E?
Let me know, Love H xoxo


  1. This is gorgeous, really need to look for this color online :) :) :) :)


  2. Gorgeous Colour, I just bought it and I can not wait to use it :-)

  3. OOOO it is lovely!! It doesn't look too brown, it looks like it has hints of purple (am i seeing things haha) xx

  4. It's one of my favourite OPI's and applies like a dream! Looks great on you xx

  5. @Christine do! It is a lovely colour :o)

    @claire ooh lovely, hope you love it as much as I do!

    @Hayley yes I can see a slight purplish tinge actually, kinda like a bruise colour overall...haha lovely :P

    @zoe thanks so much! It does, it has a lovely creamy formula! X

  6. I like OPI polishes, and their names are catchy. This is on my 'want' list ;) xx

  7. i see you love OPI! hehehe..i like the colors, but it chips so quick :( so i don't buy it anymore ANYWAYS,i am hosting a rad giveaway, a BIKINI by an up'n coming desginer from Mexico! super easy & right on time for spring/summer! ^.^ xo


Let me know what you think, lovely ladies... <3


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