Friday, April 15, 2011

Lipstick Lover Review: MAC 'Angel'

This was my very first MAC lipstick, so much research went into the purchase of this. Many people describe this as the MAC lippie that everyone needs to have in their collection. This shade was made famous by Kim Kardashian, let's face it, who doesn't want to look like her!

Colour/Scent? a soft, mid tone pink. The scent is the signature delicious vanilla scent, as with all MAC lip sticks.
Consistency? Smooth in application, yet the colour applies quite thickly leaving a good coating in one swipe.
Longevity? Very good, 2 + hours at least. 
Pigmentation? Amazing! Although this is supposed to be of a frost finish, no metallic/shimmer is evident in this lipstick. 
 Packaging? The usual sleek black MAC bullet.
Price? £13.50 or €17.50
Other shades available? Right now there are 30 'frost' lipsticks available on
The verdict... As much as I love this lipstick, I do feel that when I am quite heavily tanned it looks far too pale on me. However days like today when I am 'normal', I think this is such a flattering lipcolour. I love the way Kim Kardashian makes this look much more nude with NARS Turkish Delight gloss. I think she looks fabulous!
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Do any of you own this lipstick? What do you think?
H xxx


  1. Nice post! I don't have that MAC lipstick, I think it would be too pale for me, but I really want to try the MAC lipstick in Sweetie!

  2. So pretty, I want that colour, its gorge :)
    izzy xx

  3. Oooh Angel! Im so getting this on my next MAC trip!! I would buy a dusty old binbag if i thought It would make me look anything like Kim.K haha!! :)xxx

  4. I really wanna try Angel, it looks beautiful! Look how much you have used already haha :) xx

  5. It looks gorgeous but I think it would be too pale for me unfortunately. Great review x

  6. ahh angel is one of my top 3!! amazing looks gorgeous on your lips!!!

  7. I love this lipstick, it is so pretty :)

    Xo Christine

  8. I don't have this one, but I have a few other mac ones. I have pale skin, might do a post on them :) x

  9. That colour is gorgeous and I agree KK is stunning x

  10. As you can see im African American and I love Angel its so good on me and its simply because it doesnt have that metallic frost sheen. I love it and your post! :)

  11. Gorgeous colour! Looks lovely on you :)

    Not sure it'd be too pale for me...may be worth a try though!


  12. This is on my wishlist :)

  13. I love this lipstick, one of my faves. It comes up a bit darker on my lips :) x

  14. i love MAC lipstick, they're my favourites but i haven't tried this shade before

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  15. I went to purchase this yesterday but when i swatched it, it didnt look pinky at all it was quite browny camel like, was very strange :/ so i decided not to buy it and im going to see if i can find it somewhere else! x

  16. I really like that colour ! I think you should check out the colour snob at mac ! its quite similar, its sooo nice ! i really recommend it :) xx
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    my blog is-
    thanks :) xx

  17. I haven't tried MAC Angel, but i have their Creme Cup which is very close to Angel as everyone says. Its a perfect everyday pink color!
    check out my beauty blog and follow me, please :)

  18. Seeing this post makes me really want to buy Angel! It's offically added to my list!


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