Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In and Out #3

MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque: Do any of you remember the fuss that I kicked up about the PaintPot that I bought on a whim as part of March's Project monthly MAC? Well, turns out I love it! See, I was of the notion that it was a cream eyeshadow and disappointed that it didn't show up on my eyelid. What it is, in fact is *the* most amazing cream base. It makes colour pop like no other! A cheap dupe is Barry M Eye Crayon in  'Bronze'. It even has the same subtle pink shimmer running through it. However Barry M creases your eyeshadow and MAC does not!

All 200 of You! Thank you all so so much :o) I am already getting super excited to go shopping for some giveaway treats to mark this exciting occasion!

Stuck in Study-mode:  My end of year Uni exams begin on the 28th and stretch right on to May 19th. *sigh* So right now I am study central. I wouldn't mind so much but whenever I have big exams I get seriously stressed. Every time, without fail!

Peter Kay: My brother turns 18 next month (the day I finish my exams, actually!) and to celebrate, my family and I are going to see Peter Kay in Dublin on the 30th March! I am so excited, he is one of my absolute favourite comedians plus a shopping trip in Dublin is on the cards. Yay!

Will n' Kate's big day: I am most excited to see a) what Kate's wedding dress is like and b) what a five month pregnant Victoria Beckham wears! No doubt they will both look amazing :o)

Losers and Haters: Last night two of my dearest blogger friends (I am not going to name names, I doubt they would want to draw attention to the situation or give the idiot in question any more attention) received some very nasty comments/questions via Formspring. Now come on, did their parents never teach them that if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all? I know I speak for many bloggers out there when I say that the Beauty Blogger community has no place whatsoever for 'hater' comments. So 'they' may take their little nastiness elsewhere.

Complete Blog Secrecy: I told my Mum about my blog! I'm so happy because she gets it completely and she is so supportive. I always knew she would be, it was more a case of plucking up the courage to tell her. She keeps thinking of ideas for posts for me too :o). One major thing that she has done is told me that I have to start making YouTube videos. I feel like this is the push I need to get out there and do it! What do you all think? Should I give it a go? :o)

Control of the TV: Football, EVERY SINGLE EVENING. I cannot deal with it! I understand that you would match if United (big Man U supporters in my house, except Dad, he supports City!) were playing. But when, for example Tottehnam are playing Outer Mongolia?! Not so much.

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  1. Great post :)
    Im a secret blogger haha, shame about the nasty comments, stupid jealous ppl :(
    izzy xx

  2. Aww what a bunch of losers I hate the haters,they suck,I dont get why anyone would use their energy to write a horrible comment They must have such sad lives! I got a horrible comment on a YT vid I did that really upset me and knocked my confidence in a big way but it really shouldn't!
    Totally with you on the footie,my bf would watch a game even if it were a team of chimps playin!!
    wanting the rubenesque paint pot now! And DEFO do You tube!!!! :) xxx

  3. you should definitely make a youtube channel :) I love your blog and would definitely subscribe! xx

  4. My sortofboyfriend found out about my blog despite my best efforts to keep it a secret, he likes to point out spelling & grammar errors rather so you're lucky your bf doesn't do that at least!
    Aww bless mums eh.x

  5. Hannah I would love to watch your youtube videos so I say GO FOR IT :)

    As for the hate comments - I dont think they even deserve to be acknowledge. Horrible people! x

  6. @izzy thank you! Yes it is stupid! :(

    @natalie I know, what a waste of energy that could be used to do good in the world! Haha that made me laugh chimps ha :o) I know though, it's so annoying! The season has to be over soon!! :( and I think I will do YouTube :o) x

    @Rachel thank you so much :o) that means a lot :o) xx

    @seo!ana haha that's so mean :P I bet he means no harm though and is proud of you! :o)

  7. Yay for Hannahs happy for you :) xxx

  8. Yes make some youtube vids :)

  9. Awww I feel your pain with exams. Mine start a 4weeks on friday and I have 4 in the space of one week. Getting worried as I haven't begun revising as I'm still full of assignments to complete!

    Good luck with them all! Glad the Mac worked out for you :)


  10. HAHAH so funny about the blog secrecy! my mom knows and loves all the pics i take, my bf on the other hand always asks 'you gonna post this on your blog' , 'did you take a picture of that for your blog' ... i don't think he fully grasps the concept lol its a little annoying :x

  11. what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you have time to check out mine i would LOVE your opinions! :)
    follow me?

  12. Im going to see Peter Kay in June in Birmingham :-) I cant wait as he's one of my fave comedians too!! Let us know how good he is!! x x

  13. i'm a secret blogger too, i would get mocked by the boyfriend if he saw!

    Just had a read through your blog, tis lovely, you have yourself a new follower : )

    good luck with the exams


  14. YES for youtube videos! I'd love to watch them!


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