Thursday, April 14, 2011

REVIEW Jemma Kidd Make Up School: Eye 'Enchanted Summer'

  A while ago I did a review on a Jemma Kidd blusher, when I purchased that I also bought this little eyeshadow palette. 
The packaging is a sleek matte black, not dissimilar in feel to a NARS blusher.
 Inside you get four eyeshadows (plus a nice big mirror!). The reason I was drawn to this particular palette is because of the  colours are not something that I would usually pick, but I would quite like to experiment with. Below I have swatched the shades in the same order they come in the palette. The 'beige' shade doesn't particularly show up on my skin, but if you click to enlarge the image you can see it clearly.
Blue: A deep sky blue, highly pigmented with green and purple iridescence.
Mauve: Deep purple with lilac iridescence.
Beige: I would describe this to be more of a pale gold shade, yet it has silver shimmer running through it.
Brown: A mid-brown shade with bronze (almost pinkish) shimmer.

I created my EOTD with this palette:

I used 'beige' on the inner 1/4 and underneath my eye, 'brown' all over the lid and 'mauve' on the crease, just to add a little depth.

I haven't used the blue yet, because I really don't know how to! I think it wouldn't look very nice on me all over the lid, and paired with any of the other colours I think it will look daft in the crease.
Any suggestions lovelies?
What do you think about this palette?
Love, H xoxo


  1. looks really nice on u hun! Saw u liked those benefit lipglosses, Im selling three of them for £30 if u want? Never been used and they £15.50 in shops, thought would give u first option xx

  2. Very pretty eotd pic, looks very natural! The blues look like they'd be great for summer too :)

  3. I love the colours here :) I would maybe try the blue as an eyeliner rather than as a shadow? It would look quite summery :)

    Maria xxx

  4. Loving it! We have Jemma Kidd products at Target I might have to check it out and see if they have this or something similar!

  5. @Hayley thanks lovely, and thank you for the offer but I dont have a spare £30, plus postage to Ireland would be super expensive. Xx

    @Sarah yeah that's why I love this pallet.. Gorgeous blues to experiment with! Xx

    @maria thanks so much that is such a brilliant idea! :o) I should have thought of that, the blue would look fab under the eye for a pop of colour.. I'm gonna try that now, thanks ever so much :o) xxx

  6. @Megan I am glad you like it! They must be much more easily available in the US, it took me quite some tracking down to find this here! :o) x


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