Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Payday Treats! Vol III

Early on Friday morning I dashed out to the shops for a little payday splurge! On Saturday, my mum and I went on another little splurge!! These are the results....
First up, the lip products!
 My first purchase was my very first Soap and Glory purchase! This is the much raved about 'Sexy Mother Pucker" gloss in Peach. I have tried many 'plumping' glosses, but this one is special. If you haven't tried it, you need to (Boots has 1/3 off S&G at the moment!).
I do have a lot of love for Urban Decay 'The Iconic' lipsticks, and this one in the shade Wanted is a welcome addition to my collection. Do not be put off by the extremely dark colour in the bullet, the colour payoff is a mauve-pink.
I picked up this Barry M gloss in Toffee on a whim and I love it, it is the perfect neutral gloss. Most importantly it lives up to its name and is infused with a toffee scent. Yum.

My very first Benefit Eyeshadow!
I picked these up in two shades, Soft Shoulder and Moody.
Cleverly not I have mixed up the swatches, on the left is Moody, a greige colour similar to what has been extremely popular in nail polish lately. Soft Shoulder is a brown with a slightly rusty undertone. It looks gorgeous as an all over lid colour.

A few random bits; Isa Dora bronzer, Stila glitter eyeliner and Sally Hansen blush brush.
 I am unsure if Isa Dora products are available in the UK, it is a drugstore brand in Ireland though. I picked up this bronzer in the shade Terracotta Glow mainly just to experiment with contouring. The swatch is barely visible on my skin tone, but I quite like it.
No idea why I chose this Stila glitter eyeliner.. I do like it, and it is of a reasonable quality. The shade I picked is Sea Green, if you enlarge the photo you can see the swatch more clearly. Any suggestions as to what I could use this for?

Finally... a couple of random purchases!
Do any of you use Radox Shower Smoothies? I absolutey love them however I think the price is quite excessive for a shower gel. This is the second flavour I have tried, and honestly these are good enough to eat! This one was on offer in Boots so I snapped it up. It smells like coconut yum yum!
Finally, a practical purchase. I have been known to lug 400ml cans of Elnett around in my handbag for fear that my hair would fall flat during the day shock! horror! This mini can of Garnier hairspray will now have pride of place in my handbag for those emergency touch ups.

What do you all think? Please let me know :o)
Love H xoxo


  1. Looks like a successful shopping trip! The Barry M gloss looks lovely, I really want to try some Barry M lip products as I love the nail and eye things.

  2. When I was on my unexpected layover in London recently, I stopeped in Boots in the airport and picked up a Barry M gloss in "Bubble Gum". Those glosses are FABULOUS! in fact, im a bit worried that when I run out, I will not be able to order more. So if you know a place that ships them internationally, lemme know! I love ur purchases though! I can't wait to see the Benefit on you! I don't own any of their eyeshadows, just cream eyeshadows!

    have a great day!!!!

  3. I really want to try some Soap & Glory products, they always sound great!

    I have that hairspray as well, i love the smell!

  4. @sparkle and grey you definitely should try them out Hun, just like you I have been crazy about the Barry m polishes, and I was pleasantly surprised when I branched out and tried the lip products. They are fab!!

    @Megan I have the bubble gum gloss too, doesnt it have the most amazing scent? :o) I hope asos can sort you out with international delivery :o)

    @kenzie you should definitely try them out, I do not know how it has taken me so long to buy from them! And yes, that hairspray does have a gorgeous scent! :o)

    @vintage beauty me too! The smell is good enough to eat!!

  5. Hmmm the Radox Shower Smoothies sure looks yummy. Too bad it's not available here in Quebec )=

  6. oooh nice shop hun!! I have Benefit moody eyeshadow its lovely! and ive used the shower smoothies aswell they smell sooo good but i cant remember how much I paid for them?? ooh and Love Barry M lip glosses and the sexy mother pucker really tingles its great! I wanna go shopping now xxx

  7. The Radox Shower Smoothies are lush! I have used the one you purchased and it just smells gorgeous!

    I have a Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucka lipgloss and it's really good...gives your lips a strange tingling sensation but it is a lovely lip gloss!

    The Benefit eyeshadows look pretty! You should do a FOTD post with them! :)


  8. the benefit eyeshadow look nice , now i m following you .

  9. Great haul :), i love payday treats.

    Sadie x

  10. oooI want to try the sexy plumper glosses!!


Let me know what you think, lovely ladies... <3


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