Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Shoe of my Summer (Already!)

You know what, I am not a 'shoes' girl. Yeah I have some lovely ones, and a great selection of pumps, boots, heels etc. but they just don't get me hot under the collar read: Carrie Bradshaw she ain't. However, I know a good pair of shoes when I see them and believe me with these it was love. I will stop talking and let the shoes do the talking!

 Just incase you haven't seen enough of these, here is me 'modelling' them!

Well, do you love them?
I do!!
I love the tan colour, the espadrille-esque detailing, the shape, the straps everything.
I wore these to work on Sunday also and I am happy to report minimal pain! The heel height is around 2 inches, so these babies are perfect for daytime wear.
They are from New Look and cost around €40 (£30-35, I'd imagine) which is kinda pricey. This is completely justified though as these are real leather.
Do you love them?
H xoxo 


  1. Love love Love them. I am tall so small heels are my friends (although I find New Look sizes shoes small). I will have a look for these though :)x

  2. Just looked online and cant see them :(

  3. These are lovely, are they comfortable? x

  4. They are lovely, I love tan wedges cos tan goes with everything x

  5. Beautiful!! I love wedges! xx

  6. @Izzy Thank You :o)

    @ComputerGirl I am tall too, around 5'7 I think. So I really don't like high shoes for every day wear either! these are brill though! I know I was looking online to link them up here on the post but I couldn't find them :o( I think they are new in though so maybe they will be online soon?

    @Corrie Yes they really are! I had a bit of pain in the balls of my feet (after working a 4-hour shift at work on my feet all the time) but they really weren't sore at all!

    @The Brunette Thanks, yes I agree I can see myself wearing these a lot!

    @Hayley Thanks lovely! Would you believe they are my first pair of wedge sandals? haha :o)

  7. Oh wow, real leather too! Student discount is 20% atm, so I may treat myself to a pair of these. I have been eyeing up a pair of tan wedges in there but these are even nicer!! :)

  8. ahh they are lovely! I have been living in my wedge sandals for the past few weeks and they have ripped at one side "/ I noticed a few nice pairs in New look last week so will be going to get some soon! They are defo the best heels for shopping in as they dont cripple your feet! the person who invented wedges deserves a medal!! :) xxx

  9. Super cute hun! I never used to like wedges but this year I've been buying them non-stop! xxx

  10. i think these are really cute, perfect color for summer :)

    Xo Christine

  11. so nice!

    I adore your blog... I'm following!!

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  12. I ADORE these shoes. These will go perfectly with so many things. I'm thinking an all white outfit or a springy dress. They even look like they are comfortable.

    Thanks for the blog follow doll. Did you sign up for the DVF giveaway yet? It ends tomorrow.



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