Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My First ELF Order & First Impressions

Yay! What a haul, and all for the grand total of £14!
The lip products I got are the Hypershine Lipgloss in 'Bubblegum' and Liquid lipsticks in Strawberry and Raspberry.
My first impression was that I picked two seriously wrong colours in the lipsticks. At first I thought it was my own fault, but when I looked on the ELF website I found this:
Ok, so 'Strawberry' is essentially red, completely unlike what I thought it was, a peachy pink. The 'Raspberry' is a pinky mauve colour, not the mid-pink displayed. Humph.
I wanted to try the normal line of brushes too, the Concealer brush and Bronzing brush. I love the concealer brush, it seems dense and perfectly sized. I intend to use the bronzing brush for contouring, it is not as dense as I would have hoped, but what can you expect for €1.70?

The only studio line product I picked up was the blusher in 'Fushia Fusion', I honestly cannot believe how much of a NARS copy the packaging is! From the clasp and film sheet inside to the corrugated cardboard inside of the packaging, it is just so similar. I also got a much raved about All Over Colour Stick in 'Pink Lemonade'. First impression? This is teeny!

Finally, I needed new eyelash curlers so these are ideal. I haven't tried them yet, but they seem sturdy and good quality!
Expect reviews on all of these soon :o)
What do you think?
Did you ever get seriously mislead by the sample colours shown on websites?
H xoxo

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  1. ive heard elf colour swatches are totally off too :( kinda puts me off ordering. The brushes look good though :) xxx

  2. LOL...im laughing at this because when I bought ELF blush at the store here, the color swatch made the Fuschia like a darker purple color. I bought it (a whole whopping 3 bucks or something), and got home, opened it, and it was IDENTICAL to Nars "Angelika". LOL! It was SOOO not purple or fuschia!

    Hope u had a nice easter.

  3. Fab haul, I've placed my first ELF order so am looking forward to seeing how mine comes back! x

  4. It annoys me so bad when companies cant get swatches right....kind of false advertising! Anyway fab haul I still am an ELF-virgin LOL xx

  5. Nice haul!!:)I cant believe elf's prices they are crazy cheap! I still havent bought anything from them yet though, I think i definitely need to soon! How annoying about your lipgloss',I had the same thing happen with a nars one from asos :( online swatches can be so crappy! "/ xxx

  6. I love ELF but their colors on the website are way way off compared to the actual product. I try to read the reviews cause usualy people complain about which colors aren't what they advertise...

  7. Such a shame about the colours, when buying makeup online it's so important for the swatches to be accurate! Saying that, it must have been great to get all that for £14!

    Interested to see how the eyelash curlers fair

  8. I really, really want to put an elf order through! BUT I'm waiting until there is free shipping, haha! I'm a cheapskate extraordinaire!

  9. I too put in an ELF order and ultimatey was disappointed. Either the packaging fell apart, or it just looked cheap so I ended up passing it on to my friends.

    Still....it's fun to receive packages in the mail, and if you try everything once the purchase was worth it. Loved the review.

  10. Great haul :) I really want to try some ELF products. I am actually surprised i haven't already!
    It's a shame about the misleading colours on the website though :( xx

  11. i love elf but the sample colors is totally wrong. They should totally fix it :)

    Xoxo Christine

  12. Hi found this blog through twitter :)

    Elf is great and the best bit about it is that its so cheap its not that much of bummer if you don't use everything; just give it to a greatfull niece/cousin/neighbour etc
    I would suggest you go for the studio line of brushes more so than there bog standard one. They have a brilliant dupe for Mac187, and its much much cheaper. I use it all the time now.

    Love the blog btw :)

  13. I use the eyelash curlers too! I have a big post on the studio brushes if you want to check it out:) xxx


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