Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Adventures with Nail Art gems!

So if you have followed my nail polish escapades, you may know that I purchased 1800 nail gems for the princely sum of 99c (including postage!).
There are literally zillions in there in all different colours, two different blues, pinks, reds, silvers- you name it! Unfortunately on the evening that I played around with them a few gems got stuck in the twisting cover so I could only get a couple of colours out, that's why the colours are pretty basic.
This is what I came up with...

I like the nail on the far left, I think that would look nice with a plain manicure, as an accent nail. The middle one is supposed to be a lopsided heart shape and the right nail is a flower obvs. I didn't bother doing a close up of my baby finger as it didn't amount to much really, actually I am pretty sure I got bored by that stage.

Now for my piece de resistance (oh what larks!) on my thumb nail. Its a pretty flower with a stem and everything. Not going to lie, it took me bloody ages to do! 

For this I just wanted a plain base, so I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manucure in Pink Slipper.

Application-wise I just stuck the gems into the wet polish, they lasted for 2 days before I got bored with my one hand of tacky fabulous 'art' and pulled them all off.
What do you think of my experimentation with nail gems?



  1. I think you did awesome with these nail gems! I usually have a row of gems on my ring finger as an accent like you did xx

  2. haha i bought this exact set & have been having great fun experimenting too

  3. I totally love anything bling these are right up my street and sooo cheap im off to buy set right now !! :) x x

  4. I love playing around with rhinestones :)
    the flowers are my favourite - so cute and simple!! x

  5. I think I will have to get my hands on some nail gems now! They never seem to stay on my nails though :|


  6. You did really well - I know how hard it is to work with those small beads. I love the Sally Hansen polish -that stuff stays on for a week.

    Oktoberfest Giveway - 2 Beer Steins direct from Germany. Ends soon!


Let me know what you think, lovely ladies... <3


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