Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The most underrated MAC lipstick.. ever?

I have got to the stage of my makeup collection obsession where I think I have covered all bases, lipstick wise. I have my safe everyday (MAC Angel), night-out showstopper (MAC Candy Yum Yum) and lipstick that I'm bloody terrified of (MAC Saint Germain). So, instead of planning what lipstick I would buy next, me and my friend decided that we'd just go into MAC and start picking up random lipsticks that caught our eye. That is how I found myself this little beauty...
Her name is Creme De La Femme, and she is the new love of my life.

I was attracted to the lilacy-pink shimmeryness instantly. It is a frost, which other than Angel I own none of. My one gripe with this lipstick? When it is wearing off it does leave a little bit of glitteryness in the middle of your lips, however I think for such a unique colour and pretty finish it is a small price to pay. 
The strangest thing about all of this? I have NEVER heard of this lipstick before! It's permanent and all, so it's readily available- I've just never ever heard of anyone mention it in the past few years that I have been obsessed with beauty blogs/youtube.
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC42 / MAC Select Moisturecover NC42 /  MAC Studio Careblend  'Medium Plus' / NARS Laguna bronzer / NARS Mata Hari blush / Benefit Creaseless Cream Sippin & Dippin / UD NP Half Baked, Virgin, Buck, Naked (brows) / L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara / Collection 2000 Extreme felt tip liner / Benefit Bad Gal Liner / MAC Creme De La Femme lipstick
 Please tell me, have you heard of this lipstick before?
And what do you think of it?


btw... I am not going to be so self indulgent to apologise for my lack of blogging lately. Suffice to say September was a rough month for me but it's all over and I am back! Thank you to all 750 of you for sticking around. Mwah to you all xxxx 


  1. Great post, thist lippy is gorgeous! I hadnt heard of it to be honest! Looks fab on you.


  2. Lovely lipsticks, really suits you! :) xx

  3. I love Creme de la Femme. My mum has it and it's a gorgeous shade. It suits you as well :) xx

  4. Great post! Look forward to reading the next one!

    Ps: don't apologise, we all need a break sometimes!

  5. This looks amazing on you! Such a beautiful colour! There are definitely some underrated lippys in MAC's range!

  6. Never heard of it, very pretty. I have saint germain but like you I am way to scared to use it! Have done a little bit of experimentation with lip glosses with it but nothing works yet

  7. I'm glad you're back Hannah! :) And that lipstick is beautiful xx

  8. love your little intro- you know your a lipstick junkie when you have a lipstick that your afraid of lol! i like the new one you bought too- it looks totally different in the package then it does on your lips- i like the lip color better, when i first seen the pic of just the lipstick and i seen the title "underrated" i was like "that lipstick is bland!"- i was totally wrong! thanx for teaching me to never judge a lipstick by its color/package

  9. This is a really cute colour, I've never tried a frost before. So many people say they're scared of Saint Germain, it's my all time favourite lipstick!


  10. I haven't tried the lipstick before - but it looks gorgeous!

    Kisses, Melanie
    Beauty and Bows

  11. You look great in pink! And no - I haven't heard of it or tried it before.

    Don't worry about the break - we all need them at some point.


  12. Under-rated, true that! Its a very pretty colour and looks great on u. Have u tried Fanfare Cremesheen? Its super pretty and under-rated as well!! Glad you're back! <3

  13. this was one of the first mac lipsticks i ever bought and i love it. its such a lovely colour and your right it doesnt get enough love in the beauty community xx

  14. Stunning lipstick! I always just buy what I see, rather than buying all the well-known 'famous' MAC ones..there's some hidden treasures once you start searching!


Let me know what you think, lovely ladies... <3


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