Thursday, October 20, 2011

Totally unnecessary, but bow-tiful

So, despite being on a tight student budget most days that aren't Monday, little me time purchases have a way of finding themselves in my possession. Last week's little treats happened to have a little theme: bows
I absolutely adore bows, they are just so femenine. Plus there seems to be quite a trend for them at the moment, if you consider my pretty cardigan also- maybe my 'girlie radar' just has a habit of hunting them down though.
Item #1 are these pumps from River Island. I was put off RI shoes quite a while ago after spending €80 on a pair of heels that tarnished really quickly. However my friend informed me that they are much better lately, so when I saw these in the sale for a mere €14 down from €33, I made them mine!

I bought a lovely playsuit from Miss Selfridge that had to be returned as it was just too big. Whichever way it worked out I needed to pick something for a fiver to make up the difference so I grabbed this pretty thing...

It's just a plain hair tie with a large chiffon bow attached, I didn't realise at the time that it was €7.50. For a hair tie. Yes, really.
Despite feeling robbed, I do really like this although I am yet to wear it as I just don't like my hair off my face. I do feel robbed all over again though as I spotted the exact same thing in a darker brown for half price in the Topshop sale.
We live and learn, I guess! :o)

Have you made any unnecessary purchases lately?


  1. Love the shoes, so cute! :)


  2. Ooh I love the hair tie! The brown one sounds lovely too.
    I too hate having to tie my hair away from my face but I have to have it tied up for labs everyday now and I hate it! :( xx

  3. I'm also mad about bows these days! :) Cannot resist them; they're just too cute!

  4. Bow-tiful made me lol!
    Love the shoes Han! Erm yes I have made plenty of unnecessary purchases lately, too many to list in this box tho ;p xxx


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