Monday, October 31, 2011


I you follow me on Twitter you will remember how sick I was of having iPhones for years a couple of months ago. I thought it was time to 'grow up' and buy a BlackBerry however I now admit defeat (this doesn't happen very often) and I'm back to the iPhone.

It's the iPhone 4 in white and I bought it on contract with 3. Contract phones terrify me and god knows I will be in trouble when le bill arrives. However I am really loving my tackalicious case!

As you know, I am a student. My past student budget has allowed for hairdressing costs however lately that extra chunk of my pay is needed elsewhere and the lure of home dyes has become overwhelming!

Last week my friend dyed my hair with a L'Oreal kit I just picked up. It definitely disguised my roots and overall lightened my hair but I have come to the realisation that there is plenty of my life left to have 'natural' and 'healthy' blonde hair - and in a nutshell I want bright, barbie blonde! I was recommended this dye by a fellow bombshell blonde, also they were two for €10 in Boots- beats a trip to the hairdresser costing 10X that much anyway! I will for sure be posting the results!


For the very first time in my life, skincare is exciting to me.
I have found a brand I adore in LaRoche Posay and I seem determined to purchase everything to sort my skin out once and for all! Recent purchases include...

Effaclar Gel Facewash - Long time readers will know all about my phobia of water/face/washing/ick but in the shower I can deal with it. I picked this up before realising it is for oily skin, which I don't have. Oops. Regardless I will use and report back, I often read about the Effaclar range being fab for zapping spots so fingers crossed! (€13.44)

Physiological Scrub- I needed an exfoliatior and this fit the bill perfectly. It's a diddy bottle and costs €14, however this is definitely a 'once a week' job so will hopefully last.

Effaclar Duo- This was the priciest of the bunch at €16.43 for 40ml, however I really needed a targeted blemish remover! Also on the box it is described as a great makeup base, which I have been using it for lately.

What's new with you at the moment?


  1. Ooh LOVE your hair missy, and I got to see it in person! ;) Must buy some la roche posay! xx

  2. i would so love to go barbie blonde but my skin tone won't allow it, lucky you!! (:

  3. I'm another that would LOVE to go blonde but just can't. I'm very dark complected & blonde just doesn't work for me!

  4. I also cannot go blonde, I am too pale and it just wouldn't look right :(
    Hope you have a great weekend!

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  6. awesome post! i followed you, please follow me back, im new!

  7. Love the case! Gave you a mention on the blog- Aussie post xx

  8. i so wish i suited blonde hair, i tried going blonde once and it was a complete disaster!!

    I really like your blog :)i'm following!!


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