Thursday, October 6, 2011


I got a whole new foundation routine, and I think I love it! Me and MAC MSF just plain were not getting on, so I needed a new powder- enter Studio Careblend! It's much more matte than the MSF's and so far it's love! I got matched with new foundation shades a while ago, and I decided to go with NC42. I really like it and I find it to be a great match to my (fake) tan! Me and Pro Longwear concealer also had our issues so I wanted one with a lighter consistency. I kind of like it, however I don't love the doe foot applicator. 

I wore this ring all day yesterday and it made me smile loads. It's completely and ridiculously glitzy, but I heart it. 

This little bag has gotten so much use since I got it from Primark a couple of weeks ago. It was ridiculously cheap at €8 and fantastic for nights out!

My hair has been very dry lately, and these two little wonder products have helped bring it back to life! Loving Aussies new firework-inspired packaging too, very pretty.

What have you been loving lately?


  1. oh i love Primark at the moment for bags - yours is beautiful :) xx

  2. I am loving that you are back! :)) Love the glitzy ring, it's so pretty!! xxx

  3. I love that ring ! That bag is so nice aswell and a bargain ! xx

  4. my hair is dryer than ever! i need to check these products out for SURE!

  5. I love that ring... es super lindo =)

  6. Love that ring! I need aussie products back into my life! I used them up and havnt repurchased for ages. this post has reminded me how much I have missed using them. :)



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