Monday, September 12, 2011

From me, to me

The other day I went for a little shop with my friend, I didn't particularly need anything and nor did I plan to buy but when I saw these little pieces I just had to have them.

I love my MAC Paint Pots however they are rather pricey at €19 in Ireland, so I usually go for Benefits Creaseless Creams which are slightly more reasonable. To my surprise a local chemists had a small selection of CC's in a 'bargain basket' for €10 each!
I believe these shades have been discontinued as neither are listed on Benefits website. However I have heard of Sippin n' Dippin as a MAC Rubanesque dupe, which I can fully vouch that it is!

Recess is a matte pale brown colour which is something that I have been looking for quite a while. I really like these and I do find them fully comparable to MAC paintpots in making eyeshadow pop and very long lasting.

Recess, Sippin n' Dippin

My other little purchase is something I have been meaning to buy for quite some time, a Yankee Candle.

Almost every time I go to a card shop or something that sells these I have a sniff and a swoon, and then a bigger swoon at the price and put them down. However that day, curiosity got the better of me and I finally invested. I was deliberating between several to buy for my new room at my Uni house when I picked up 'Strawberry Buttercream' and by chance looked at the price and saw it was reduced to just €9.50! These are €18.99 normally, absolute bargain! There was another one that I wanted to pick up called 'Pink Sands', I will definitely be getting it next time.

Do you love Yankee Candles? Which are your favourites?


  1. I do love yankee candles, but they are so pricey - i usually wait and get one from ebay which is a little cheaper..Also if you have an asda near you, they do the same size of candle as the large yankees, for £5.50 at the moment, and they have a clean cotton oen which is the same as Yankee clean cotton, whcih luckily is the mr's favourite for his house!

  2. Mmm love yankee candles! Have been meaning to get a Benefit base for ages, you are SUCH an enabler ;) x

  3. I can't believe that you have managed to find such great bargains!!! x

  4. What a fab find to discover Benefit in a bargain bin!

  5. Oh I use to do a fundraiser in elementary school with those candles! back then I loved the cookie flavor or something i think.

    And what is a paint pot? I am kind of new and was curious about it?


  6. You got some serious bargains there! My fave Yankee Candle is Baby Powder, Pink Sands, A Royal Wedding and Fresh Cotton. xxx

  7. SO jealous of your benefit buys! I have been looking at getting a paintpot from MAC but think ill look into the benefit ones now! xoxo

  8. i have one yankee candle in macintosh spice and it's amazing! mmm :)

  9. I love Yankee candles, my favourite's are Clean Cotton, Wedding Day, French Vanilla.. and there is another put I can't remember the name! :)


  10. What??? cool what shop did you get the yankees from? was it in eyre sq shopping center? I wanna get some that so cheap!! Pink sands smells divine!

  11. Ooh what a bargain!! I haven't tried the CC's but I WANT!! ;) My fave Yankee candle is french vanilla, but I buy the wax tarts that you melt in an oil burner coz they are loads cheaper and last forever :) mmm yum! xxx

  12. I got my first Benefit goodie the other day and love it :) very jealous

  13. My favourite scent from the Yankee Candles is the Cherry Blossom and those Benefit's Creaseless Creams look amazing xx

  14. yankee candles are a dream, i have to settle for primark candles lately and they pretty okay

    i feel like ur candle is too close to ur brushes.. scared lol

    BreezeyBee Blog

  15. The colours look gorgeous, I love my Rubanesque, so it's great to hear that there is a dupe out there for it. I haven't tried Yankee Candles, but I see them everywhere - they must be good :)

    Kisses, Melanie

  16. benefits cream eyeshadows are my handsdown favvvv ones!!!!!! i love them! i have figgy and birthday suit and wish i had bought more before moving!!!

    my fav yankee candle is blueberry. i think it is discontinued, but i can generally find it in the outlet stores. it is AMAZING!

  17. I always wondered if they were nice or not, theyre a great size too! I found Jelly Bean scented candles in House Of Fraser the other day! Amazing!



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