Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hair-spiration? Please!?

As part of Aussies Lusciously Lighter Style challenge, I am off to the hairdressers on Monday to have a style overhaul! To prepare me for this, the lovely Aussie people have sent me a few wigs to help me 'break out of my comfort zone' and try something different!
Here are a few ideas...
Dolly Parton/ Sandy from 'Grease'

??? I look like my auntie here!

The 'Pob'!
So there you have it! Three completely different looks, but I am only having one makeover!
What do you all think?
Brunette? Stay blonde? Something else?
Long? Short? Somewhere in between?

I reaaaally need your help as my appointment is on Monday and I don't know what I want to do with my hair!

This is me with my real hair, if you forgot what I look like! 'Hello Roots!'
I have added a poll to the top right-hand side, so vote!!
All opinions are welcome, I would love to know what you guys think will Lighten Up My Style!
Thanks again guys!
H xoxox


  1. ooooo in a weird way they all suit you, although not 100% sure of the dark brown, lucky you been able to pull them all off :) xx

  2. hehe I quite like your hair brown :) Although I love your blonde hair, so pretty and long! Go all out and go blue or purple, start a trend, it worked for Rihanna ;) haha Good luck in the hair dressers sweetie, can't wait to see it x

  3. i think the brown suits you but maybe a slightly lighter shade would be nice :)

  4. I still say caramel lowlights and disconnected layers.. and i'm sticking with that. Yup ;) xoxo

  5. AMAZING! I say stay long and maybe go abit darker? I had long hair and cut it and now miss it so so much! Nearly back though :)

  6. I love your hair - make sure you 100% want to go dark if you do decide because it takes so much to get it back blonde lol! I think the dark colour suits you, maybe a long chocolate brown? :) xx

  7. haha that first one made me LOL!!! I dont think you should go dark as blonde suits you so much!! Maybe choppy layers around the front and more of a fringe? good luck chick! :) xxx

  8. I think short (by short, I mean short) black hair, it will stand out with your skin tone! :)
    Or, maybe stay long but a teeny bit shorter if you don't want to loose the length xD

  9. i would go for a light brown colour? maybe go a little bit shorter and curly-er/wavy?

  10. I think stick with the length - just get a trim, then go a little bit darker, kind of dark blonde/light brown.

  11. Blonde and mid length (right above the shoulders, slight angle - with a really blunt cut). A bit edgy but oh so sexy. It would be gorgeous on you! When you got tired of the blunt cut, you could get soft layers and a side swept bang.

    I would suggest a pale blonde - like the French beauties in my posting:

  12. The darker hair does sorta suit you but maybs a lighter reddish brown? I wouldn't go shorter though! you have such a lovely length that i'm vehr jel of.


  13. you have beautiful LONG hair, keep it long. but i love it dark brown! so long, and dark brown. (:

  14. oh my gosh im just now seeing this!?!? im sooo curious to see what you do! you have such gorgeous eyes that i know you can rock brown hair, but i love you blonde too. AGHH cant wait girl!

  15. I love these! The 'pob' actually looks awesome on you, though I think a fuller fringe would be better ala Alexa Chung/Uma in Pulp Fiction

    I think the second one is a great length on you too :) I'd be so tempted to go red with your hair, it's pretty impossible to do when you're a brunette :(

  16. Hahha I like your natural hair, but I think the Sandy hairdo is pretty retro-chic too! :)

    <3 Belly B


Let me know what you think, lovely ladies... <3


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