Thursday, May 5, 2011

Smiley Stuff from Lately

 When my lovely blogger pal Hayley nominated me on Twitter for the Witch Friday Flawless Follower, and won I got to pick a little prize from their website. I picked the Blemish pen (currently under review), so a big THANK YOU to Witch for the lovely treat. However it was the name on the envelope that actually made my day... :o)

My parents went on holiday to Gran Canaria and arrived home last week with two lovely presents for me.
The first is this gorgeous mirrored mirror (eh?) with Hello Kitty engraved on, and my name! It came in a lovely black velvet pouch too, so it is ideal to bring everywhere with me. 
Also, I was super giddy to try out the new Dior lipstick that my Mum picked out for me, she has good taste!
It is in the shade Basic, a gorgeous pastel pink. The packaging is so luxe, I love it! Expect a review coming your way soon. 

Also, I was super kindly invited to a Xen-Tan event yesterday in Dublin! I met some lovely girls, KarenDee and Sinead and I was lucky enough to be given a sample to try out. Expect a thorough review on this very soon :o) Big thanks to Xen Tan for holding this event!

So, after my lovely weekend off I am unfortunately back to my desk for more studying today. Oh well, summer is just around the corner and I cannot wait!
Love H xoxo


  1. Oooh I do love the mirror it's so cute and the lippie looks gorgeous!
    The picture of you and your boyfriend is so nice!

    Good luck with the revision....I feel your pain. Two weeks tomorrow mine will all be over and I cannot wait!

  2. aw your mum does have good taste! that lipstick looks gorgeous you lucky lady xx

  3. You look soo pretty :) i was wondering what you had picked out chick :) Your mum has awesome taste :) (i love peter kay too) xx

  4. Candy yum yum looks gorgeous on you Love it! and the dior lippie and mirror are fab pressies!! Cant wait for your xen tan review aswell as Ive been umming and ahhing over it for a while, I really want the face one especially :) xxx

  5. Peter Kay is one of my favourites! Look forward to the Dior review x

  6. A blogger once sent me a Christmas card and I forgot to tell her my surname so she wrote 'Carla with the Golden Touch' LOL I loved it. xxx

  7. NEat post and you have a great blog wanna follow each other =)

  8. You two are so cute! I also cant wait for that pen review.. looks interesting!

  9. I'm revising too! If that blemish pen is any good I need to buy it- I've been breaking out like crazy!
    I'm following you xD

  10. Oh, you have such great parents to buy you Hello Kitty stuff! :)

    Waiting for the Dior lipstick review - it's very trendy atm.

    Also, I see that you study corporate law, if you have any questions feel free to contact me, I've finished LLB, LLM and LPC last year! LOL! ;) X

  11. You went to a Xen tan event!?! Lucky. I love that stuff and it has been really hard to find lately. Did they load you up with freebies?


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