Friday, May 20, 2011

Lipstick Lover Review: ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick 'Strawberry'

You might not consider this to be a lipstick, but since the word "lipstick" is included in the product name, it is worthy of a Lipstick Lover review! :o)
Colour/Scent? You will know my opinion on the colour of this if you check out the post in which this was hauled, you will see the ridiculous swatch of this on the ELF website. I didn't think I was getting a red lip colour in the slightest! ELF says that the scent is 'Vanilla Mint', I suppose that could be correct. The scent is just pleasant but not of anything in particular.
Consistency? That of a lipgloss, no more, no less. 
Longevity? Again, that of a lipgloss!
Pigmentation? As you can see in the above photo, which is of around three layers of this I still couldn't get it to even slight opacity. I took about four photos of this and this was the best of the lot. 
Packaging? Cute! Just like the ELF glosses, or the Stila twist-up ones, but with a type of 'pad' applicator which you twist up for the product to appear.
Price? This has to be the best thing about this! These retail at £1.50 or €1.70, an absolute bargain.
Other shades available? 11 altogether! (before ordering online though, I would recommend that you research swatches on other blogs before ordering!! Do not trust the website swatches!)
Available from? ELF's website

The verdict... Maybe I was incorrect in considering this to be a lip stick, in liquid form, although as far as I am concerned this is what the name and website description suggests. Although in saying that I do have more pigmented glosses. I would never give this a bad review due to the price, nice packaging etc, but I think I am just left bitter about this because of the terrible online swatch and the average pigmentation. 
Have you tried these? I would really love to know what you think!
H xoxo

PS. Just realized I have posted two Lipstick Lover reviews in a row, I hope this is OK! :o) 


  1. I ordered one of these too, for the price it's amazing and I do love the colour on, but it is slightly different from the elf online colours! I was thinking once applied it would sit like a lipstick, but it's definitely more of a gloss. BUT I still wear it, so all is good! :) x

  2. Lovely pigment and you look stunning in that picture x

  3. I actually like this alot again. It looks kinda of "berry", which i think is a relatively hard color to come across in the world of lipsticks/glosses, because certain companies cant produce a good product to save their lives!

    but, since ELF is so cheap, i might have to check this out! i wonder if they have it on my side of the pond??

  4. It looks really good on you and the colour suits your complexion. Another ELF product review on a blog of a fellow blogger. I really need to stock up! :) X

  5. This looks lovely on you, haven't tried these yet!! :-) x x

  6. I would really like to try these but I'm not sure if I can trust E.L.F as a lot of people seem to have quite average things to say about it :S xx

  7. i have maple sugar and baby lips.
    for only being a dollar they are great.


  8. I have baby lips, and i love it! I never go by ELF swatches, it's just a lucky dip lol :) I am going to get them all me thinks :) xx


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