Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Two New OPI's

So I picked up a couple of new OPI polishes to add to my collection :o)

This is 'La Paz-itively Hot', a HOT pink fuchsia. Honestly I took quite a few pics of this, but I just couldn't capture the blue/violet shimmer through it. In all, I am pretty sure this is my favourite polish EVER (please do not quote me on this, it is 100% subject to change :o) ). It is a perfect barbie pink and rest assured it will be featuring on my fingernails A LOT this summer! 

The second is a red polish and I had to get one by OPI for my collection. I don't particularly love red nails but I think it is perfect on toenails as it complements pretty much any neutral sandal. So, here is OPI's 'The Thrill of Brazil' as modeled with my lovely New Look sandals (flats, for when my favourite wedges in the whole wide world need a break).

So, there you go! Another couple to add to my growing collection...
If you like these, you could win them (or in fact any OPI you may fancy) in my 200 Follower OPI Giveaway!
Be sure to enter, you will not regret it :o)
Love H xoxo


  1. I have both of these! Great colours x

  2. love both they're gorge, cute sandals too x

  3. Love those sandals! I'm in love with turquoise atm, such a good summer colour!
    Nice nails too!x

  4. I love the pink coloured polish! x

  5. Love the red!! So pretty!

  6. They are so nice!
    I am yet to own any OPI nail polishes! I will one day! :-)


  7. These are so pretty, love the pink one :)

    Xoxo Christine

  8. I really like the pink one :D

    I'm having a Tuesday Beauty Blog Hop to connect the beauty blogger community, today! Hope you can check it out :)


  9. Pretty! I want them both. (:


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