Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Payday Treats Vol IV & YOUTUBE!!

Since I have been shopping like a crazy lady since I got paid on Friday I had far too many new items to show you all in a blog post as it would be so picture heavy and take forever for you guys to read! 
I took this opportunity to jump into YouTube, honestly I thought this day would never come. :o) So here you have it, my very first YouTube video... enjoy!

If you like what you see, don't forget to 'like' it and of course subscribe! I am hoping to keep making videos as well as my blog, so all constructive criticism and video requests are more than welcome in the comments below.

Thank you :o)
H xoxo


  1. Aw how lovely of her! (:
    I didn't even realise you were Irish until the end! Haha.
    Looking forward to your new videos (: xo

  2. Loved the video, I commented on it already x

  3. where are you from? You don't sound Irish lol x

  4. I loved your video!
    Aww, that lady was so sweet!
    Izzy xx

  5. I love your haul, you got so many great things. I just purchased that lipstick from the quite cute collection by MAC, its gorgeous. That was really sweet of her to give you hers :)

    Xoxo Christine

  6. @Amy I know I was shocked, how generous! Especially with a limited edition item like this :o) I'm so glad you enjoyed the video, thanks! Xx

    @Olivia thanks so much, means a lot xx

    @elly I am English and I moved to Ireland when I was 12 (I'm nearly 20 now) but the Manchester accent is going nowhere! :o) xx

    @izzy thanks so much :o) I know, couldn't believe it! X

    @christine thank you! I agree, it is a fab colour but I wasnt sure about it until I tried it, but now it is love! :o) x

  7. Love the video!! What nail varnish are you wearing in it?! x x

  8. I really love your blog and I can't wait to read more! I hope you can come stop by my beauty & hair blog sometime :D


  9. I love it - great job on your first vlog Hannah! Great purchases too - I want to see you wearing the neon pink lipstick.

  10. @Jen I am wearing opi's 'la pazitively hot' I blogged about it yesterday :o) xx

    @opal thank you :) x

    @hot pink combat boots thanks for the support :o) thank you! I will post about it soon! Xxx


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