Saturday, May 14, 2011

Exciting Giveaway Update!

So, I hinted on twitter that if i hit 300 followers before my 200 followers giveaway finished, there would be a third prize. Lo and behold, my GFC is currently standing at 301 and to thank you all I am adding a third prize!
Keeping with the theme of OPI, Prize number 3 will be something along the lines of one of these....

A mini set of OPI polishes!
Obviously not all of these choices will be available when I go to buy them for you, but this is a general idea for you all :o)

Don't worry, you need not enter again, if you have already entered your details on the giveaway post you are automatically in the running to win this!
If you haven't, click here to go enter! What are you waiting for?

Love H xoxo


  1. wow thats so exciting! :) xxx

  2. This is really exciting ^^

    Xoxo Christine


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