Friday, May 27, 2011

Big Hair, Skinny Face

So, when I was getting ready for a night out this week, I came to the realization of how much I *love* contouring. As a round-faced gal, this little technique gives me cheekbones that I never thought were possible!  Anyway, here is my FOTN...  
No7 Intelligence Balance Mousse Foundation 'Tan' / Isa Dora Bronzer 'Golden Bronze' / Highlight: Benefit '10' / NARS Blusher 'Orgasm / MAC Lipstick 'Candy Yum Yum'
MAC 'Mythology' all over lid & 'Swiss Chocolate' in crease and outer third.
I used some false eyelashes last night too, I have used the Girls Aloud ones in the past and I have been impressed with them. I used the 'Kimberley' ones this time...

I wore my old dependable outfit that I always wear if in doubt, a navy play suit that I got from New Look. It is a lovely cotton material and has pretty cream detail around the neckline. 
I accessorised it with a skinny woven belt and a mix of gold bangles! Sorry, I am the most awkward poser ever!

Except here, pose-a-rama! But come ON! I am too delighted that I learned how to CONTOUR! 

What was the best beauty lesson that you ever learnt? :o)
Hannah xxx


  1. Looks great, i agree countour makes such a difference, i have a hamster face without it, great on my chubby chin too :)
    Love the playsuit xx

  2. You look beautiful!! I adore contouring - my face shape is so weird, contouring is my best friend :) xx

  3. You look gorgeous - the No7 foundation looks AMAZING on you! Is it quite matte? xx

  4. You look beautiful, would you do a post on how you contour your face? :)

    Love Christine ♥

  5. Love your makeup so pretty :) x

  6. I need to learn how to contour, especially if it makes me look as lovely as you! :)

    Maria xxx

  7. @Nicolette ne too! I look completely different without contouring :) thanks x

    @Hayley thank you sweetie, so kind of you :o) it's my best friend too :D x

    @Hannah yeah it's very matte and full coverage! Unfortunately no7 have discontinued it :o( I wrote a post on it.. I got the lippie because I saw how gorgeous it looked on you :D x

    @alexis thank you! It's nothing like I have ever seen before, I love it! X

    @christine yeah of course Hun, I may do a post or a video :o) thanks so much for the suggestion! :o) x

    @elly thanks so much :D xxx

    @maria thanks so much Hun :o) it's super easy, I will do a post or video on it soon :D xxx

  8. Love it, especially the lip colour!
    The playsuit is gorgeous- well I love all playsuits, I'm obsessed with them :)
    Btw, I replied to your email, have you recieved it? xx

  9. well helllllo hotness!

    im loving the hair ALOT. and your foundation is fab! is it expensive?? im looking for a cheaper alternative for when i move to make up forever. i LOVE it, but its 40 bucks a bottle.

    have a great weekend girl!!!

  10. You look lovely!! Will you do a video on contouring if you can hun?! I can't get the hang of it at all and you seem to have mastered it!! Did you watch any video's online?!
    x x

  11. I looove contouring too, how did I live without it. You look gorgeous x

  12. You look stunning! Love the lipstick colour, and your skin looks flawless :) x

  13. Love it - big hair is so sexy, you look so 'come hither'. And you heading was perfect - and so much better than the opposite: skinny hair, big face. Ha.

    Way to rock the big hair pretty girl!

  14. Your make up is lovely and I love love love that playsuit xx

  15. amazing lipstick. You are so beautiful.


  16. Candy Yum Yum! It really suits you actually, I thought that lipstick couldn't look good on anyone but you totally pull it off <3

  17. Aw you are so pretty Hannah! That lipstick really suits you xxx

  18. Awh gorgeous, think you should share how you contour :P xx

  19. U look really pretty hun x


Let me know what you think, lovely ladies... <3


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