Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tanning Tuesday: Bronze Ambition 'Glow & Go'

This Tuesdays featured self tanner brings us into the realm of wash off tan. I have never been a fan of this sort of fake tan as the memory of using Rimmel's instant tan has put me right off - transfers like hell, icky shimmer, difficult to get even (if you were wondering).
When I was sent this product, I was skeptical to say the least!
For a mere £1.99, you get 100ml of product. Unlike in my past experience of wash off tan, this is a sparkle-less, gel formula. 

It glides on really nicely and has a nice coconutty/fruity scent- no biscuit scents with this baby! The colour payoff is good and a little goes a long way. 
 As I am sure you can tell, the colour isn't super dark, however it is buildable and pretty much foolproof if you are a tanning newbie!

Also, I can confirm that this really does not transfer. Once it has sunk into your skin it stays there and is easily removed in the shower.
I really recommend this for experimenting with tan, or even just to deepen up what you have on already if needs be. For such a bargain price, this is a fab product.
Available here!



  1. I've seen this in random places (I think it's this one anyway) and have completely passed by it!! Nice that it's matte

  2. Great review. Sali Hughes did a thing on wash-off tans for the Guardian a while back and I've been thinking about trying them. I'm super pale so it'd be nice to have something just for a night out...

  3. coucou, je ne connaissais pas du tout mon blog, mais j'adore, en réalité ça aurait pu etre le mien mdr, j'adoreeeeeee hello kitty, et ma couleur favorite est le rose, et mon blog s'apelle les paillettes d'adeline, in english adeline's glitters!
    comme to see my blog, tu verra pas tes propres yeux ;-)

  4. This always streaks though, me and 4 of my friends have tried this product and not one of us had a good result as other reviews say aswell :S

  5. haven't tried any bronzer yet.

    but it's cool that this one is matte :)

  6. Love that its not glittery, great review :)x

  7. That's a really nice subtle colour, I hate fake tans that are too full-on.

    Nat x


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