Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Cheats Guide To Nail Art, Part Deux: Ombre Nails

Yay! It's another blog post for the clumsy and wobbly handed people who just can't 'do' nail art- expecially not x10! You can find my first post about this here. Anyway, I saw this nail effect on LLYMLRS blog ages ago, and the other day I thought I'd give it a go myself!
Basically the idea is that you pick 5 polishes of the same colour, from light to dark to give that gradient effect. Yet again it is relatively simple and doesn't require a whole load of effort!
The only colour fields that I had enough block colours to do this with is pink and blue, here is what I came up with...

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 'Pink Slipper' / OPI 'Pinking of You' / MUA #16 / Barry M 'Bright Pink' / Barry M 'Shocking Pink'
I really like the effect of this one, but when applied I thought the index finger and middle finger colours looked a little too alike- during the day I kept arguing with myself as I thought I had mixed them up. 

Barry M 'Indigo' / OPI 'Blue My Mind' / Barry M 'Cyan Blue' / China Glaze 'Sea Spray' /Models Own 'Beths Blue' 
I had some difficulty finding the right colours for this one as I definitely don't own 5 block blues, for this reason I was quite skeptical in using CG 'Sea Spray' (2nd from left) as it isn't a completely flat colour. Also, as you can tell from the name, Barry M indigo which is on my thumb is a deep purple. I think it works though - kind of. Anyway I won't be losing sleep over it!

Have you tried ombre nails? Link me to your posts, I would love to see them :o)


  1. i like it! especially the pink ones!! ooh.
    i love PINK :)

  2. Too cool, I love it :). I kinda want to try this going from light gray to black. Super edgy!

  3. I love this! Especially the blue ones. The pink is nice too, but i like the blue gradient effect better. :D

  4. Such a cute idea. The blue looks so effective!

  5. Really like the blue! Looks really pretty! I may do this to my nails :)

  6. such a cute concept! they look great, pink and blue are my fave colours :)


  7. Oooh pretty :) I love the blues! I've done ombre nails a few times, here and here, I love them! xx

    Sirens and Bells

  8. cute :) also LOVE the fact you're wearing your dressing gown here!x

  9. wow, i love what you've done x

  10. I never tried to do this, but I will! love love love the pink ones Hannah x

  11. Love your ombre manis :) I really need to try this. I reckon I could definitely do this in pink. Not sure about the others. Maybe green actually. I'll give it a whirl! xx

  12. Love these! I'll have to give this a go myself...the pink is definitely my favourite! xx

  13. Love this! I tried this out and posted on my blog about it because i saw Lauren Conrad in a magazine talking about Ombre nails, it's a great, easy effect isnt it! I'm going to try it with black to white next time and then browns i think :)



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