Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little Mouse Ears ~ Earrings

As you all know, I am a huge fan and supporter of people who make and sell their own jewellery online. When the lovely Sarah from Little Mouse Ears contacted me about her shop, I jumped at the chance. Here are the beautiful earrings she sent me... 
All very feminine and delicate, just my style.

Orange and Beige danglies
Pretty pearlescent and glass beads, really dainty and understated.

Flower Collection 'Milk Thistle'
I adore these, I have gotten so much wear out of them and so has my mum (she keeps 'borrowing' them from me!). Really gorgeous.

Finally, The Galaxy Collection and these pictured are called 'Red Dwarf'
Really pretty hoops with teeny beads floating from them. Absolutely gorgeous yet again and these are handmade by Sarah herself!

I love how much care and attention has gone into the making of these, it is rare to find someone who actually handmakes their own jewellery, even online. 
I love how there are lovely little collections in her Etsy shop, I am told there are more to come too! 
Also, her prices are super competitive so I thoroughly encourage you to check her out, plus she is a lovely girl who has her own blog The OPI Junkie too. 



  1. it's amazing what people can make, these are lovely!xx

  2. Thank you so much for your review.
    Great job.
    I think I may have given you an incorrect card the Flower Collection Pink ones are called Cherry Blossom. lol.

    Glad you and your mum like them.
    I'll send you a link when the "Seven deadly Sins Collection" is up. Also there will be more additions to the Flower Collection.

  3. such lovely earrings! i love vibrant earrings like this. http://openboxjewels.blogspot.com/ x


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