Monday, August 1, 2011

Dupe Alert!! Benefit '10' vs. W7 'Double Act'

A video went up on my YouTube channel about a week ago, all about two Benefit dupes I have come across. The posts would be all too much and photo heavy to put them both in the same post, so the Benetint v. MeMeMe 'Pussy Cat' will be up tomorrow morning!
W7 'Double Act' vs. Benefit '10'
My version of '10' is a gift set type thing, so to compare packaging, I have photographed the 'Double Act' next to my box of 'Sugarbomb'.
Pretty similar packaging, don't you think?
Now, onto the actual goods! 
The 'Double Act' actually claims to be a blush/bronzer duo, instead of highlight/bronzer, but when they are swatched the blush isn't all that pigmented, just slightly more pink toned than the '10' highlight.

As for the price, I paid €3.99 for the 'Double Act' and '10' retails at €30 or £25 here.

So, what do you think? Is Benefit 10 worth splashing out on?
Personally I am quite impressed with the W7, it has more than a passing resemblence to Benefit!
I'd love to hear your opinions! :o)
Love H xx


  1. Oooh interesting!!! Where can you buy W7???
    :) x

  2. You need to do more of these Hannah, I saw the video you did about this too and the products look almost identical x

  3. Oh no sweetie! Are you okay?
    Did you get my tweet message?
    Hope you feel better soon! :)

  4. Hmm, suspiciously similar! Think I'd rather pay the smaller price tag. Great blog by the way. xXx

  5. Wow, that is very close. Where can you buy it? I want :) xx


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