Thursday, August 25, 2011

A small step for beauties, One giant leap for Hannah-kind

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW35 / MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW30 / MAC MSF Medium Dark / UD Naked Palette: Virgin, Buck, Toasted / Maybelline Liner Define / Maybelline 'One by One' mascara/ No7 Lash Adapt mascara / Benefit Bad Gal eyeliner / NARS Mata Hari Blush / NARS Laguna bronzer / MAC 'Improvise' highlight / MAC 'Please Me' lipstick / Barry M 'Toffee' gloss -- Earrings c/o Little Mouse Ears
Anything look different? Anything at all... no? Let's look a little closer..
You may be thinking "seriously, what's new?" but you will see that I have finally mastered(-ish) the liquid eyeliner thing!
I know all of you beauty bloggers will have been doing this since you were in nappies, but it has taken me, (middle name- Clumsy) years to get this right. Many a time I have attempted it, messed up and had to remove all of my eye makeup and start again. Over the past couple years I have tried many methods of application, gel, brush, cream and eventually the winner- PEN! 
This Maybelline one is the best out of the couple I have tried, I just think the nib of the pen is thin enough to be almost foolproof, and the constant flow of product doesn't mean I am stopping and starting to reload my brush. Eventually I hope to buy a brush so I can put all of my fluidlines to good use, but until then I am really happy with this product! It's nice and black too, with the added bonus of minimal smudging. You may have noticed that I haven't mastered he 'flick', that is a work in progress!

The second new thing you may have noticed are my brows! 
See I was brought up in the family of Blonde Hair + Dark Eyebrows = NO NO. However when I was at Julies make-up course, the girl filled in my brows slightly and I really liked the way it made them look. I found this brow brush that I bought ages ago, and after a sweep of my eyeshadows I settled on Busk from the UD Naked Palette to fill them in, just a little. I love it!
What make up trend did you find hard to grasp?



  1. Looking gorgeous as always! :)

    I struggle with the whole eyeliner thing, I have good days and bad days - I find using an angled brush (I use one from the body shop atm) with gel liner works best for me. Although I'm pretty clumsy and still have days where I end up taking off my make-up and starting all over again!


  2. I too find applying eyeliner a mission and I am much older thank you x... My favourite method is drumroll ... Pen too. Easy peasy x

  3. I love the Maybelline Line Define Liquid Eyeliner. My holy grail liquid eyeliner. The top picture of you is so beautiful as well <3 xx

  4. You look so beautiful :)
    I actually prefer to use a black shadow as my eyeliner, I think it looks much softer on my eyes :)

    Love Christine ♥

  5. haha @ one giant leap for Hannah kind! I was the same with liquid liner its a biiiatch! I prefer applying gel liner on an angled brush. You look so puuurdy hun :) xx

  6. OMG. The earrings look so good on you. I'm so glad.

    I think I'm gonna do that style in more colours too, defo since they look so well.

  7. You are to pretty hannah! I'm the opposite my eyebrows are naturally blonde and my hair is naturally dark hmmm how did that work haha! xxx

  8. @Sarah ooh thanks for the reccomendation, I must look out for an angled brush :) x

    @Bettina I am glad someone else uses the pen method! It is foolproof and I love it x

    @Emma oh good I am glad you like it too :) it really is the best I have tried :o) x

    @Christine What a great idea!! I am sure the shadow will be easier to use also, I must try it out x

    @Natalie oh really? Yes I like gel too, I just think its all about the brushes now, for me to take that next step :) x

    @The opi junkie oh yay I thought I would wear them today, they go so nicely with the pink in my top! :) I will be doing a full feature on them very soon xx

  9. @adrienne how crazy! Haha it must be good that you can switch from blonde to brown hair without worrying about your brows :o) xx

  10. Liquid Liner is still the bane of my life. It was the area I struggled most with and even now I always make sure I spend the most time on it. x

  11. i never see that maybelline pen here in my country
    we have different version and i don't like it..
    hopefully that pen will be available here soon

  12. the funny thing is thats how i learned to use liquid liner! once you get the hand of the pen, you slowly move to a stiff liquid liner brush like the one from elf and bam you are a wizz at eyeliner!

    hehe u look pretty and im proud of your accomplishment :) (it reminds me of my own)
    Breezeybee Blog

  13. This is so funny as I struggle with exactly the same thing, yet I know I look better when my brows are coloured - they definitely frame my face. I used the exact same Buck shade to colour my brows today actually! This week Kenneth Soh rec'd 2 brow products for me that might suit you too: either @shuuemurauk hard formula in seal brown or Anastasia Brow Wiz in ash blonde from sephora US.

    Nic x

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  15. Don't you look gorgeous, I could never do the eyeliner thing before I got the Sigma 209, just seems to fit :) The flick however...depends on the day of the week, sigh! x


Let me know what you think, lovely ladies... <3


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