Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Cheats Guide to Nail Art!

To put things simply, I am a complete klutz. I trip over stuff, spill drinks down myself on an almost daily basis (white tops are a no-no) and still still, after years of trying cannot draw a straight liquid eyeliner-line. So I have had a little sad face when seeing all of the fantastic nail art around the bbloggersphere (Gem Fatale's leopard print nails, I am talking to you!). Even water marbling was a bit of a disaster...
So, how did I create this, you may ask...
srsly, who am I to lecture on nail art?! I can't even paint my nails correctly!
The answer? Stickers!
I got these from ebay a few weeks ago with the literal pennies I had left in my paypal. I believe they were about 80c each (50p?!) including postage from Hong Kong or somewhere. 
Basically I painted my nails (MUA #16, if you were wondering), peeled off the stickers, placed them and then went over it all with my regular topcoat.
Not bad for a first attempt! *smug look*

Also, I was more than a bit touched by the little note and gift enclosed from the ebay seller...
little packet of blotting papers, 'a special gift' awww :o)
If that didn't make me so touched by that, the little note enclosed sure did:

Check the last line, the lovely chap went to the trouble of Google translating "Go raibh maith agat" which is Irish for 'Thank you' (so I am told) which was just so cute. Let's remind ourselves of the fact that I paid under a euro for this, including postage!

I hope you enjoyed my cheats guide to nail art, I plan to do many more stickery designs without the stress!
Click here for the ebay sellers shop, he has a Gandhi quote as his picture- I now like him even more.



  1. These are pretty. I'm a bit cak with nail art too! How cute with the little irish thing :) xxx

  2. These are amazing and that ebay seller seems fab! I'm visiting now! x

  3. Literally love these!! Im going to have to buy some now! :L Check out my nais...

    I used jems of ebay! :D

    xxx (please follolw back ) :D x

  4. These stickers are amazing Hannah, love the bows! x

  5. looks great! the flowers are so cute. x

  6. this is the cutest manicure.
    absolutely loved this! xx

  7. I use nail art stickers, they really do finish off your nails, I love the look of those bow stickers in the picture

  8. I got a couple of nail stickers from 17 which I am yet to use, but I might try them out next time I am doing my nails!

    Thats so cute how much thought that ebay seller went into writing the note!

    (on the pc at work so i can see your blog! woop!)


  9. That is fantastic customer service, how lovely. xxx

  10. i love it! How cute of them to send you a free gift :) I will deffo be buying these :) xx

  11. Great blog


  12. Awww that little note is so cute. You can find some great little bargains on eBay from Hong Kong.

    Your nails look awesome, I am also a big klutz so I think I may have to have a go with these stickers.


  13. Gorgeous look :) I need to have my nails done in a cool design! My hands are just so unsteady!

    Thanks for your comment sweetie, yes the day was awesome! xxx


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