Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Illamasqua haul

When I saw that ASOS had added some bits from the Illamasqua Toxic Nature collection to it's sale, I just couldn't resist. These are the goodies that I picked up...
I've been dying to try an Illamasqua nail polish for some time, but the €17 price tag put me off. When I saw the full range for just over a tenner, I really couldn't resist! I eventually narrowed down my choices to...

gamma, purity
Gamma was always my favourite from this collection. I have wanted a bright orange for some time but nothing has given me that bright bright orange. Purity was what I thought to be a perfect nude. IRL it's more peach, definitely comparable to Barry M's Peach Melba which I already own- oops! Anyway, that's another blog post.

 Although I don't adore my other Illamasqua gloss, I couldn't resist one more! This is in the shade 'Torture' (cute name huh? :/) and is a bright bright orange. From previous experience, these do run quite sheer so hopefully it will give me the coral pop I am looking for!

This afternoon I couldn't resist painting my nails with Gamma, I am so impressed by this polish, it's absolutely gorgeous!

It's coming off kind of yellow here, however it is orange. Think highlighter orange! It dries to kind of a matte finish- not matte entirely but not sheeny shiny. I heart it!

On a completely different note, my little ipod arrived today! Got it from ebay for €60 as I no longer have an iPhone to play in my car. Or maybe I just wanted to show off this nail polish some more :o)




  1. That nail polish is gorgeous, I've only ever tried 1 Illamasqua product xx

  2. Wow, that nail polish is gorgeous!!! *adding to wish list haha* :) xx

  3. I really want Purity but heard that Barry M is better so think I'll pick that up! xxx

  4. I just ordered my first Illamasqua nail varnish in Muse! I can't wait to get it in the mail :).

  5. what a bargain!! The Orange is gorgeous, I love the Illamasqua bottles xxx

  6. I've heard reeaaaallllyyy good things about the nail polishes so I must try one out some time x really nice swatches :)

  7. GAMMA! :O that is one seriously bright polish, yet somewhat endearing? Haha want!


  8. gorgeous nail polish.. i want :)

  9. Tis a gorgeous shade, unfortunaly nail polish feels really gross on my nails so I never really wear it : (


  10. I always really love illamasqua polishes and gamma is so pretty on you - online I didn't think it looked like anything special, very tempted by it now though :)
    really curious to see what torture looks like on the lips too!! x

  11. Did you try their blushes? Pigmented beauties they are. Love em!


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