Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tanning Tuesday: Garnier Summerbody update

 I am sure you will remember my fiasco last Thursday with my bad reaction to Garnier Summer Body lotion, a product I intended to review for this series.
I emailed Garnier that day with a link to my blog post and they tried ringing me the next day, however I was at work. Anyway the head of the customer advisory department sent me an email and I rang them yesterday. She was very sympathetic and actually offered me a consultation with a dermatologist to help me determine what might have caused the problems, so I could avoid such ingredients in the future. Also I have been offered a refund on the price of the lotion and my medication.

All in all I cannot fault their customer service, however the fact that so many of you have told me you have had similar reactions leads me to believe that there has been a bad batch made or something. Even if you just google "garnier summer body rash", loads of results come up of people on forums etc all talking about similar symptoms.

Quite a few of you told me that you had no problem with the product but you were using the old shaped bottle, I asked the Garnier rep and she couldn't tell me if the formulation has been changed. 

f you have had any reaction to Summerbody, I really encourage you to contact Garnier - the more of us that let them know about this, the bigger difference it will make.

Note your batch number also as I do feel it could be a batch issue, so note your number:

Also, Hayley has posted about her experience with the product too - Check it out here!

Thank you all for your lovely words regarding my last post on this, my skin is feeling much better now, however I still have little white bumps all around the affected areas, and my skin is much drier than usual so I am applying E45 lotion twice a day still. If you were wondering, the pharmacist (who looked horrified when I showed her my rashes, btw!) gave me these:
Topical cream & Allergy tabs for skin allergies
Thanks everyone!!
H xxx


  1. You poor thing! At least they were nice about it. I love that this post is called Tanning Tuesday :P

    Hope youre well Han! Havent talked to you in aaages! Miss you! xx

  2. Oh no! Poor you! SO happy to hear that at least their customer service was very good! Really pleased they offered you a refund and payment for the dermatology session and medication!

    Hopefully the skin reaction won't happen any time soon again!

    Love Britt xxx

  3. I've heard so many people saying they've had the same problem. I've used it a lot and never had any issues but have just checked and I've still got an old shape bottle so maybe they have changed the formula? Glad the customer service is good though :-) xx

  4. I tried this product three years ago and I didn't got any allergic reaction, so I really do think that they changed the formula of it, because I have sensitive skin and this happens to me sometimes.
    I'm glad your better now Hannah xx

  5. loving your blog! xx


  6. I'm glad they were nice and helpful, glad you're almost back to normal! x

  7. SO glad that they took you seriously. I've just received a £12 voucher. The woman i spoke to was a nightmre :( xx


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