Monday, July 11, 2011

Nails of the Past Week-ish

I haven't posted a NOTD in quite a while, but here is two for you! One polish that I am not sure about, another that I luuurve!

Numero Uno is the polish I am still unsure about, Mod Hatter - Garden Party collection.
I was really excited to try this. I even thought of the name of the NOTD post I was going to make on it ('coffee nails' if you were wondering). However this polish is sheer, really really sheer. The above pics are of four yes four! coats. And as you can see, it still isn't opaque! This would be great as part of a french mani, but not so much on its own. This makes me sad, as in the bottle it has the loveliest lilac iridescence, but on the nail? nada. I am still looking for a great nude polish, but all of the ones I have come across have been of this consistency. Any reccs?

This next polish is one that I adore. I would go so far as to say that If I were a nail polish, this would be me...
Princesses Rule - Princess Charming collection
I do really like polishes that are flat colour, as I went through a phase of thinking that anything with shimmer was old-fashioned. This has well and truly swayed my opinion! It is the softest, prettiest pink with silver iridescence. Also, in stark contrast to 'Pink-ing of You', this pale pink is a dream to apply, and completely opaque (well, opaque enough) in 3 coats. Plus, its lastability is amazing. And it makes me happy when I look at it on my nails, yes a polish has that power!

I don't know what is happening, but I am kind of done with OPI's for the moment. I have quite a collection of them (for me, anyway) and I am not feeling so inspired with the shades I am finding lately. I am thinking about maybe focusing my attention on China Glaze or Essie for the next little while (Nails Inc. just doesn't do it for me, unfortunately!).
Have you guys tried Essie or CG? Any reccomendations to get me started?

Love, H xoxo


  1. im really liking the "princesses rule" one!!!! i love nice colors like this although i typically sport bright colors! love it though!

  2. Princess rule looks gorgeous! I'm a bright nail person though or french usually, but definitely going to get my hands on princess rule :) xx

  3. WOW. 4? Really? I agree I think it would be a lovely french mani shade. I really want a nice nude colour, but can't seem to find anything I love. The second colour is most definitely you :) x

  4. Not sure about the first one but the second one is gorgeous :)

  5. I love "Princesses Rule", it's a lovely girly colour. I think the first one is a nice shade of nude, it just might take a bit of getting used to :-)

    Nat x


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