Friday, July 8, 2011

100th Post- A huge Thank You to some amazing people!

Once upon a time, 100 posts ago (last October, to be precise) I started up this blog. I had a rough start to my second year of Uni, leading from a wholly crap first year and I needed something to distract me from the fact that I hadn't really any friends to go and see during the evening or between lectures and I was living far away from home. I had a slow start with posting and stuff, and I didn't really commit to it until the new year. It came in sync with the help of three people who found me on twitter: Hayley, Charli and Ellie.
I didn't know anyone on Twitter, but I remember one night I was going on a rare outing to see Black Swan at the cinema (I have a weird memory for strange details) and Hayley was tweeting me and being so nice. She introduced me to Charli and then Ellie and the three tweeted me quite often. I'm sure they never knew it (and probably still don't) but through this last year of college, just being able to look on my phone at tweets and knowing that someone wanted to talk to me gave me so much comfort when I was having a genuinely crap time.
I even remember how excited I was when Ellie tweeted this, it meant so much to me at the time I favourite-d it and had to include it here now!
So a huge THANK YOU to you three!!!
While I am on the subject of thanking people....
More recently I have made what I like to think of as a real life blogging BFF in Julie. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met, she is absolutely gorgeous, has a fantastic writing style and she is always there with some wise words - only a text, DM or train ride away! :o)
I could go on all day long but I'd just like to mention these special people (I have added to this list over a few days, so I really hope I haven't missed anyone out!)...
Megan- An amazing blogger from across the pond that is moving to Norway right now! Good luck in your adventure Megan! :o)
Hayley - My fellow insomniac! Drinks next time I'm in Manchester ;)
Charlotte - Always there on twitter for a chat :o) great girl xx
RachelDee - lovely Irish girlies!
Charli - I'm not a huge animal lover, but hers are adorable :o) I heart Gusgus!!
I have had some actually amazing opportunities thanks to this blog and I am truly thankful for them all. Though I mightn't have the shiniest blog, the most endorsements or the most readers, I have made genuine friends in a community that I didn't even know existed. I have established a hobby for the first time in my life and produced something I am actually proud of.
So yeah, this is just a huge virtual KISS to each and every one of you that has ever clicked on this blog, or read one of my little rambles.
Here's to the next 100!
Love to you ALL,
H xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Dawwwwh Hannah <3 That was a lovely post, you are so sweet. Happy 100th post, I love you and your blog. Can't wait to meet you for cocktails with the girls :) xx

  2. Awww what a lovely post Hannah :) Congrats on such an awesome blog.xx

  3. AWwwww :) I hope I meet you sometime!!! x

  4. Congrats !! I had a really had time with college aswell wish id found this earlier. xx

  5. Aww that is such a lovely post! I know exactly how you were feeling before you discovered blogging. I have met some lovely people too including you :) Congrats on your 100th post =) xx

  6. aww what a lovely post..i can completely relate to where your coming from with uni, ive struggled the past two years, and although theres people i talk to, apart from one or two, i dont think ive found life long friends :( haha..Happy 100th post :) xx

  7. Awww this is a lovely post! Congrats on 100 posts!
    I agree with how you meet so many lovely lovely people through blogging!
    Thanks for the mention and your a lovely girl too! :) xx

  8. Such a sweet post!! I had a crap first 2 years at uni too, so lonely and I know where you're coming from. Well done on 100 posts though! Xxx

  9. Aww Hannah I absolutely love you, I hope you know that!! This was lovely and brightened up my ever so awful day.

    Thank you <3 <3 <3

  10. aww you such a sweetie honey and so glad we got chatting!! Looking forward to drinks when ya next in Manchester xxxxxx

  11. Such a sweet post! Congratulations on 100 posts :) x

  12. This is such a lovely post! Happy 100 posts! x

  13. Awww sweetie big huge love and hugs!! So glad i 'met' you you're a little superstar xx

  14. Happy 100 :) I'll be congratulating you again when you reach 1000 ; )

  15. Congratulations!! Happy 100th! Love your blog :) x

  16. What a lovely post! Congrats on your 100th post, and I hope we see more and more of your blogging :) xx


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